I haven’t always been a conservative.

In fact, for most of my life (about 40 years’ worth), I was as liberal as they come.

Now, I wasn’t a dyed-blue Democrat or a prospective member of ANTIFA, but I was all about the compassion that the Left FALSELY advertises as the core of their political ideology.

In 2008, I was all about the “hope and change” that Barack Obama was slinging, and I swallowed it whole, hook, line, and sinker….

But by 2012 I was starting to think differently – and while I would say I started down the Conservative road before then, the fact remains that I wasn’t a full-on “woke” Conservative till about 2016, when the policies of Barack Obama took away my livelihood.

But my journey to Conservatism really started earlier than that back around 2009, when one of the most influential people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing started to open my eyes.

Every Novice Needs A Guide

I met my friend Kyle when my buddy Aaron brought me with him to my first jiu-jitsu class in 2008. Kyle and his brother Jude were the instructors.

I was hooked from the start, but it was Kyle and Jude’s unorthodox training methods that really brought me back time and time again.

They were unlike any martial arts instructors I’ve ever known, drinking beers and smoking cigars before and after class. They were also a little looser when it came to the pomp and circumstance that often accompanies other combat sports like karate and kung fu.

It wasn’t too long until they were no longer just instructors and became my personal friends…

And shortly thereafter, Kyle brought me on board with his company during one of the scariest economic periods in American history.

It was as Kyle’s employee/apprentice that my education in the world of financial writing truly began…but I was unaware that I was going to get a crash course in conservatism as well.

Kyle, while five years younger than me, quickly became my mentor, and through constant conversation and patience, he opened my eyes to the world and how it truly is.

I started to see through lies that the Left continues to tell time after time after time.

I saw that freedom was almost exclusively the domain of the Right while control seemed to be the driving factor on the Left.

Over time, I began to feel differently – and with Kyle as my guide, I came to understand the difference between what/who is good and evil in the world of politics.

As a man of God, it is this lesson that he taught that I will hold most dear to my heart, and I will forever be indebted to him for opening my eyes to the truth of this world.

The Passing Of A Patriot

But now, sadly, it will be a debt I’ll have to pay him in the afterlife. Kyle passed in a tragic accident just a few days ago.

As I come to grips with losing my friend…

I realized how this man was so much more than just an instructor, an employer, or a mentor; I realized that this man was more of a savior than anything else.

He saved me from a life of unhealthiness by stoking a fire for competition and martial arts.

He saved me from a career I most likely would have hated since working “inside a box” would have killed my spirit for sure.

And he saved me from the lies that I was told—the lies I believed—about this world by showing me the truth about politics and the evils of liberalism.

In the years since I moved out from under Kyle’s protective umbrella, I’ve always gone back for advice and support from the man who gave me all the tools I’ll need in this life…

And he always made time for me whenever I needed it.

While I’ll for sure be missing my friend and mentor in the coming years, the world will be missing one of the most ardent patriots our country has ever known.

One time, I decided to ask Kyle why he took a chance on me during a time when it wasn’t the smartest idea to do, and he told me something I’ll never forget: “You’re a champion. You’ll be a champion in everything you do—and when you surround yourself with champions, winning is easy.”

Kyle is survived by his wife and four children, and my heart goes out to them and the rest of his family.

The weight of his loss to them is unfathomable, and I can only hope they find peace sooner rather than later.

Kyle was the greatest patriot and American I’ve ever known, but he was an even better man.

May his memory live on forever in his friends and family—and in the hearts of all Americans who realize that freedom is our most important commodity and will stop at nothing to spread that message.

Goodbye, my friend…

May we meet again.


“I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.” – Bob Dylan


Editor’s Note: For those interested in learning more about Kyle’s conservatism, please peruse his YouTube channel, “Radio Free America.” Fair warning: it’s not for the faint of heart. Click HERE to watch.