The British effort to leave the European Union, more commonly known as Brexit, has continued to get more chaotic.

In 2016, the British people voted by referendum to have Great Britain leave the European Union.

It’s 2019, and Britain remains in the European Union.

Their nation’s politicians have let them down by not carrying out the mandate they were given.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May lost her job as a result of failing to deliver Brexit.

May negotiated three deals with the EU to secure a smooth and orderly transition with the European economic bloc. All three deals were rejected by the British Parliament.

May called a quick election last year to try and increase her Conservative majority in the government. The decision backfired horribly. The Conservative Party lost more seats than it gained in the snap election, which furthered the troubles of the prime minister.

It got so bad for May that she was forced to resign in order to get a Brexit deal through Parliament.

You know you were doing a bad job when the only negotiating tactic you have left is resigning.

Earlier this summer, May told a group of Conservative lawmakers that “I am prepared to leave this job earlier than I intend in order to do what is right for our party and country.”

And leave she did.

Now, Brexit has been left to new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and he isn’t sitting idly by.

He has formed an ad-hoc Brexit cabinet tasked with developing a strategy to push through a Brexit bill, with a deal, or without one.

He took the extraordinary step of asking the Queen to suspend Parliament in order to prevent the opposition from passing legislation that would further delay a Brexit decision.

However, the anti-Brexit forces struck back this week. Parliament passed a resolution that would make it so Johnson could not leave the European Union without a deal with the EU.

Boris Johnson, not one to take a challenge lying down, called for a snap election with the hope of increasing his majority of members of Parliament who support a no-deal Brexit.

Parliament once again rejected his motion.

The BBC reported, “Mr. Johnson wanted MP’s to agree to an early general election on 15 October, saying the bill- which forces him to ask for an extension to the Brexit deadline if no deal had been agreed – left him unable to negotiate a deal.

He needed two-thirds of all MPs to vote in favor under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, but the result only saw 298 votes for the motion and 56 against-136 short of the number he needed.”

The members of Parliament are openly defying the British people who voted for Brexit. They are afraid that a snap election would cause them to lose seats. The people of Great Britain want Brexit to happen, and they would elect representatives to office who would carry out their wishes.

They are being cowardly by not agreeing to an election. Boris Johnson is showing he actually has some political backbone, something clearly lacking among his colleagues.