No matter how hard the Left tries to control what we say, think, and do through the digital world, they routinely fail at accomplishing their insidious goals.

Despite their attempt to wipe pro-free speech app Parler from the internet simply for allowing conservatives to use their platform at their discretion, the free-speech social media platform has announced its return.

Parler’s new interim CEO Mark Meckler announced in a statement on Monday that their site was re-launched using “robust, sustainable, totally independent technology,” liberating them from Big Tech, the Epoch Times reported.

Meckler did not specify what web hosting service Parler is using now that they are back online.

The company’s re-launch should take about a week before new users can sign up for the website and existing users can access the platform.

Parler, which is a nonpartisan app that does not discriminate against political ideology, is finally back online after “going dark” for several weeks due to Amazon blacklisting the platform.

Big Tech and the Democrats have proven over the past few months that they don’t just want to silence conservatives—it goes far beyond that. They also want to silence anyone who asks questions or thinks for themselves.

Parler was just an unfortunate bystander that quickly became cancel culture’s next victim when conservatives flocked to the platform during Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube’s seemingly concerted effort to censor and ban Trump supporters.

However, once the Big Tech moguls caught wind of this, they quickly moved to pressure Parler to cancel conservatives along with them.

Parler’s only crime was being a platform that prides itself in allowing people to freely express ideas regardless of what side of the political spectrum they are on, as the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution allows.

When Parler refused to cave to the Left’s anti-American demands, Amazon’s web hosting services dropped the hammer on the small company and essentially banned their website.

While it looked dark for Parler over the past few weeks, they are coming back stronger than before on independent web hosting services.

It is yet to be determined whether they will be as efficient and user-friendly as they were before, but I think we can all sacrifice a little convenience for a platform that allows us to speak freely.