A Georgia Democrat state representative was arrested in the state capitol Thursday after incessantly knocking on Governor Brian Kemp’s door as he signed SB 202, a sweeping election integrity bill, into law.

Senate Bill 202 seeks to resolve issues brought up in the 2020 presidential election by limiting widespread mail-in voting to only those who request absentee ballots and require auditing of voter rolls. Violations of these rules will be penalized.

Rep. Park Cannon was taken into custody by state troopers before being transported to the Fulton County Jail where she was charged with obstruction of law enforcement and “Preventing or disrupting General Assembly sessions or other meetings of members,” The Hill reported.

According to a statement provided to the outlet by Lt. W. Mark Riley, Georgia State Patrol’s public information director, Canon was warned several times to stop knocking prior to her arrest.

After being advised to stop numerous times, “Rep. Cannon refused to stop knocking on the door,” and was then “placed under arrest and escorted out of the Capitol.”

Cannon was released just hours later on Thursday night when she tweeted, “I am not the first Georgian to be arrested for fighting voter suppression. I’d love to be the last, but we know that isn’t true.”

Cannon later tweeted Friday morning, “We will not live in fear and we will not be controlled. We have a right to our future and a right to our freedom. We will come together and continue fighting white supremacy in all its forms.”

Fact check: Cannon was arrested for disrupting the signing of a bill passed by the state legislature, not for fighting “voter suppression” or “white supremacy.”

Ironically enough, that’s one of the same exact crimes dozens of Capitol rioters were arrested for in January.

As it turns out, it’s illegal on both sides of the political aisle to disrupt lawmakers from performing their legal obligations. Who would’ve thought?

But the Left is running with this story as if Cannon is a Rosa Parks-like hero for standing her ground.

Modern American society seems to have grown so privileged with more rights and freedoms than any other country in the world that they have become obsessed with injustice.

They so desperately want to fight for something—be that a civil rights icon or getting that photo being arrested at the Capitol—that they’ll do anything to make it happen. Even when there is no real injustice taking place.

Election integrity is a matter of making all legitimate votes count. It’s the ultimate form of ensuring justice for all. Yet deranged lawmakers are twisting it to make it mean “voter suppression” against Black Americans, somehow.