Parents are on to the radical teachings of our national educators and school boards…and they don’t like it.

Videos have gone viral of parents voicing their displeasure at school boards for allowing mask mandates, anti-American history teachings, and critical race theory curriculums to be forced on their children.

The jig is up. Teachers’ unions and school boards have been exposed for the radicals that they are.

If there has been anything good about the pandemic, it’s that teachers have been caught telling their students not to tell their parents about the radical curriculum they have been teaching them…and now their little secret is exposed.

Parents caught teachers telling the students to lie to their parents by omission on Zoom classes during the pandemic.


The teachers’ unions also pushed non-scientific closures of schools when they should have reopened months before, and even colluded with the CDC to write guidelines detailing the criteria for keeping schools closed.

Now the National School Board Association has also been exposed for the frauds that they are. They don’t truly care about students, they only care about radicalizing them.

Parents are calling them out on the carpet for their fraudulence, and Leftist school board officials are running to the Biden administration for help rather than facing the music.

In effect, the National School Board Association went crying to daddy because the parents were being mean to them…and Daddy Biden was only too happy to hold their hand.

The National School Board Association wrote the following to President Biden: “As these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”

Daddy Biden felt bad and is now doing their bidding, pledging to show those “domestic terrorists” who’s boss.

The Washington Post reported, “Attorney General Merrick Garland on Monday ordered the FBI to work with local leaders nationwide to help address what he called a ‘disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence’ against educators and school board members over highly politicized issues such as mask mandates and interpretations of critical race theory.

In a memorandum to FBI Director Christopher A. Wray and federal prosecutors, Garland wrote that the Justice Department will hold strategy sessions with law enforcement in the next 30 days and is expected to announce measures in response to ‘the rise in criminal conduct directed toward school personnel’ in the nation’s public schools.”

However, the parents weren’t going to take their punishment lying down and responded with a scathing letter of their own…and it was epic!

Two dozen parent organizations addressed a letter to the National School Board Association, which said, “NSBA cites a tiny number of minor incidents in order to insinuate that parents who are criticizing and protesting the decisions of school boards are engaging in, or may be engaging in, “domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” NSBA even invokes the PATRIOT Act. The association of legitimate protest with terrorism and violence reveals both your contempt for parents and your unwillingness to understand and hear the sincere cries of parents on behalf of their children. To equate parents with terrorists dishonors the thousands of victims of actual terrorism around the world. Have you no shame?”

And…boom goes the dynamite!

These parents are practicing their Constitutional rights to be heard. It is federalism at its finest. The framers of the Constitution intended for most issues to be solved at the local level, not the Federal level.

By sticking their noses into a problem that is out of their jurisdiction, the Biden administration is violating the principal of federalism.

They are using the force of law to punish their opposition, a clear abuse of power.

Parents have every right to defend their children and to do what’s best for them. They are ones charged with parenting their kids, not the government.

Of course, if parents are breaking the law by abusing or harassing public officials, they should be prosecuted, but a few isolated incidents hardly warrant a full-scale FBI intervention.

It has been easy to be pessimistic—often warranted— about the state of our country because the radicals seem to be having their way.

However, these parents are providing hope for those of us who still love this country and want future generations to succeed in life.

And for that I say thank you to them, and encourage all parents reading this to refuse to be bullied by anyone.

Keep up the good work! America will be better because of you!