Pennsylvania’s radically anti-life Democrat Governor Tom Wolf abhorrently promised to reject any and all pro-life bills sent to his desk.

“Today I’m in Philadelphia with @PPFA to speak out against three anti-choice bills being pushed by Republican lawmakers,” Wolf said on social media after speaking alongside Planned Parenthood at an event to reaffirm his support for abortion.

Yes, “abortion” – not “choice” – as Wolf calls it avoiding the reality of the practice of ending innocent babies’ lives.

Criticizing the GOP who attempted to pass pro-life legislation, the governor stated, “If these politicians were really pro-life, they would focus on issues that support Pennsylvanians instead of shaming and criminalizing health care decisions.”

“Whenever an anti-choice bill reaches my desk, I will veto it. Every time,” Wolf vowed.

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Wolf’s refusal to limit abortions comes as Republican state lawmakers passed a bill banning abortions in the event that a preborn baby is diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Under the bill, doctors would be required to file documentation that an abortion was not given for that reason, The Morning Call reported. Doctors who violate the rule would be charged with a third-degree felony and lose their medical license.

Republican state Rep. Kate Klunk, who is one of the bill’s sponsors, said she will not stop trying to pass pro-life legislation, regardless of Wolf’s objections.

“Every child deserves and has the right to life and children with Down syndrome are no exception,” she said in a memo, according to The Morning Call.

Thankfully, some Republicans are still rightly standing for life, despite the radical Left’s grip on the governor.

Almost nothing is more revolting than Wolf vowing to keep it legal to abort babies. Not only does it show a complete disregard for what Pennsylvania constituents want and what state lawmakers are drafting, but it’s also a moral atrocity.