Hollywood is officially a propaganda machine devoted to producing films in the interest of the powerful Leftist elites. While we already knew the Left had a grip on the entertainment industry, the Oscars’ latest changes to award eligibility takes that Liberal stranglehold to a new level—and it does it at the expense of actual talent.

On Monday night, The Academy’s official Twitter account posted an infographic describing new inclusion and representation standards that films must meet to be eligible for the Oscars’ “Best Picture” nomination. All other film categories will be held to their current eligibility requirements.

“Change starts now. We’ve announced new representation and inclusion standards for Best Picture eligibility, beginning with the 96th #Oscars. Read more here: https://www.oscars.org/news/academy-establishes-representation-and-inclusion-standards-oscarsr-eligibility,” they tweeted.

The graphic says, “To be eligible for Best Picture consideration for the 96th Oscars (2024), a film must meet TWO out of the FOUR standards. A) On-Screen Representation, Themes, and Narratives, B) Creative Leadership and Project Team, C) Industry Access and Opportunities, D) Audience Development”

The changes are part of the Academy Aperture 2025 initiative which seeks to “further the dialogue and challenge our history to create a more equitable and inclusive community,” according to its website.

The site also lays out the diversity specifics movies must adhere to.

Standard A requires that films meet one of the following: at least one lead or significant supporting actor is non-white. Or, 30% of secondary cast members must include people from the following groups: LGBTQ, Women, Minorities, or Disabled. Or, the main storyline must be focused on one of those groups as well.

This is insanity – and that’s only the first standard.

Standards B, C, and D demand that films’ creative leadership, internship, and marketing/publicity opportunities must be given to people based on gender, racial, and disabled standards, similarly to Standard A.

The Oscars’ woke requirements essentially bring affirmative action to movie making. Liberals are trying so hard to obtain this Utopian society that reflects “equality,” but it quickly becomes inequality when you begin choosing people for a job based on their race.

It is actually plainly discriminatory to say one film is eligible for an Oscar because it includes more minorities, gays, women, or disabled individuals. On the other hand, if you don’t meet the set “inclusivity” standards, you are cast out of Oscar eligibility.

Does anyone remember that one law that was passed because of civil rights leaders like MLK Jr. who spent their lives fighting against discrimination? The one that was filibustered by Democrats before it was passed with a Republican Majority in 1964?

Let’s take a moment to recall that law called the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which very plainly outlaws employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Therefore, it is illegal for workplaces—including film studios—to begin discriminating against whites, men, or the able-bodied, to fit the Academy’s backward standards for Oscar nomination.

Whatever happened to hiring people based on their ability to do the job well? This should be especially prevalent in a place like Hollywood, where talent makes or breaks you. Apparently, talent isn’t as important as diversity in 2020.

They would rather throw away good actors to promote liberal propaganda like third-wave feminism and sexual freedom. But as the saying goes, “go woke, go broke.”

The fact is that no matter how much the elites push their ideals, Americans simply do not want to see it. We’ve watched football ratings, retail sales, and show viewership drop, time and time again when the Left starts pushing their beliefs on us against our will. I have faith that the same will happen for the Oscars once the Academy’s woke standards are implemented.