With the US in the midst of the worst supply chain crisis it’s EVER experienced, one company shows the world how it’s not only surviving but THRIVING!

For those readers that don’t know, I’m more than just a pretty face and an incredibly talented writer. I’m also a competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) athlete with a World title under my belt.

But most importantly…I’m also humble.

I kid. I’m well aware of how I look, and I also know that my writing is adequate at best…but I did win a World championship in my sport – and over the last year, I’ve subsequently taken third place in two different divisions.

But why is any of this relevant to the financial world?

Well, it’s because a company with BJJ roots is being talked about on Fox News not because of what they do for the BJJ community but for how they’re taking advantage of the current supply chain crisis.

Origin USA, a company that started out as a maker of BJJ uniforms (we call them “gis” or “kimonos”), has branched out since partnering with bona fide American hero and former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink.

A “Made In America” Success Story

See, when Origin started, they had one goal in mind: to provide quality American-made goods.

How they went about doing that is nothing short of amazing. Not only are their products (which have now branched out into denim jeans and leather boots) made in the USA, but they’re made here from the ground up.

Origin is unique in the fact that they not only produce their BJJ and denim items here, but they also create the fabric their gis and jeans are made from on their own loom from cotton they source from the US!

From the ground up, everything they make is American and it gives them a style and brand to which not many companies can compare.

Origin, based in Maine, makes everything, from their apparel and footwear to their nutritional supplements, in American factories.

Even more, Origin doubled down on its commitment to the US by doubling its workforce during the pandemic and expanding operations at its factories.

This decision paid off greatly during the supply chain crisis, as there’s been a HUGE demand for “Made in the USA” products once again.

So great is the demand that, due to those delays, the company ended up purchasing its own 18-wheeler to start shipping orders.

Why Make It All Here?

Now, customers don’t have to wait for anything, and it’s all due to Origin’s decision to be strictly American.

Why did Origin make this decision?

CEO Pete Roberts explained during his appearance on Fox News, saying “I watched the deterioration of my community here when all the mills and factories shut down and all the machinery got shipped overseas. This is happening across America and I was naive enough to think, ‘Hey, we can do something about it.’”

We don’t think it was a naïve decision…

It was insightful and very well-timed. The rest of America’s companies are finding out just how hard it is when you have to count on foreign entities to stay in business.

Sure, you may pay a few dollars more to keep things here in the US, but at least you’re guaranteed that your product won’t be sitting on a freighter for months on end.

It’s an excellent choice at the perfect time.

Good on you, Origin.

Here’s to your continued success.


“All animals, including humans, need to see the connection between action and consequence in order to learn or react appropriately.” – Jocko Willink