White privilege is being talked about a lot these days, especially in the wake of the George Floyd protests. There are MANY on the Left that feel that what happened to him has more to do with the color of his skin than who he was as a person.

However, with the newly-released bodycam footage of the Floyd arrest, it seems that neither color nor race had anything to do with the way the officers treated him before Officer Derek Chauvin made the disgusting and horrible decision to put his knee on the man’s neck.

Bringing this new leaked footage up is important because the event seemed to divide this country down racial lines, with the unhinged Left on one side and the confused Right on the other.

The Left says that what happened to Floyd has everything to do with the fact that he was black and nothing to do with the fact that he was being combative.

But many on the Right feel that what happened to Floyd was based on his behavior and not the color of his skin.

The ONE place that we come together on is that both sides agree that he didn’t deserve to die.

The tragic situation highlighted a problem within a police department that needs to be remedied—and it’s something that can be fixed since politicians are working on police reform policies as we speak.

However, somewhere along the way, instead of this being the entire community against police brutality, it became about how this is a black-only problem that white people don’t have to deal with because of the color of their skin.

Do White People Get MORE Opportunities? No…

Statistically, they’re wrong…

More unarmed white people are killed per year per 10,000 arrests than any other race—and that’s a fact straight from the FBI.

But that hasn’t stopped this from becoming a white vs. POC issue.

The one thing that keeps coming up is white privilege. This is the belief that white people get more opportunities and breaks because of the color of their skin while people of color are looked at with wariness and skepticism.

Like when a judge’s kid gets off with an extremely lenient sentence…

Or when a white person gets a job or position over another applicant with a different ethnic background.

They say that good things happen to white people all the time while people of color are LUCKY when they reach a level of success.

Which is a really weird statement, especially seeing that black people have reached unbelievable levels of success in EVERY conceivable industry—including the federal government. Remember, just eight years ago, America voted a black man into the highest office in the land.

What’s truly mindboggling is when these successful people of color talk about white privilege.

Recently, world-famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey decided to jump into the fray…

You know Oprah, right? The most successful woman in entertainment, with a net worth closing in on $3 billion?

Yeah, she’s talking about “white” privilege instead of the ONLY color of privilege that actually exists: GREEN.

Would Oprah Be RICHER If She Were White?

It doesn’t come down to the color of your skin, but the amount of green you have in your pocket that ensures you get the most opportunities in life.

On her show, The Oprah Conversation, she did an episode titled “Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man. Winfrey invited white people on to admit to the benefits of their white skin, telling these people, “There are white people who are not as powerful as the system of white people — the caste system that’s been put in place — but they still, no matter where they are on the rung, or the ladder of success, they still have their whiteness. [White people have a] leg up. You still have your whiteness. That’s what the term ‘white privilege’ is. It means that whiteness still gives you an advantage, no matter.”


Would Oprah have MORE money if she were white?

Would Barack Obama have had a more successful presidency if he were white?

Would The Rock have more success at the box office if he were white?

It’s a ridiculous notion…

But that wasn’t the worst part.

The episode was titled “Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man” because it was taken from the YouTube series of former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho.

Acho was on the show with Oprah and the NOW “woke” whites who admitted that they’re racist simply because of the color of their skin…and what Acho had to say was even more disturbing.

“Here’s what I told my friends with their white children. I said, ‘Y’all live in a white cul-de-sac, in a white neighborhood, in a white city, in a white state. If you were not careful, your children will live their whole life white, and at 26, 27, they’ll end up being a part of the problem, because you just let them and allowed them to live a completely white, sheltered, and culture-less life.’”


Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and a white man said this to black people?

This is an INCREDIBLY racist statement – and since the fact that he’s black gives him the privilege to say something this horrible, does that make it black privilege?

The Idea Of White Privilege Is RACIST

But it gets worse…

Acho continued, “As a black person, white people – the proverbial phrase of white people – they run America. CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, execs, ownership – they run America. Not an individual white person, but collective white people. I firmly believe that if the white person is your problem, only the white person can be your solution.”


How is that not the most racist statement you’ve ever heard?

It’s obvious that Acho has never paid attention to the strong black voices of the past, or else he’d have a different view. Malcolm X once told his followers, “If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems. I only cite these things to show you that in America, the history of the white liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery designed to make Negros think that the white liberal was going to solve our problems. Our problems will never be solved by the white man.”

The truth is most white people don’t care about color…

Racial equality was a HUGE part of Generation X, and we TRULY follow the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, who famously dreamed that black children would be judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

White privilege is something that began dying out with the abolishing of Jim Crow and was finally dead and buried by 2008 with the election of Barack Obama.

Why does the Left seem to want this world to be racist?

Why can’t they see the reality that America has become more and more accepting of other cultures than we’ve ever been in our history?

The privilege that exists today is American privilege…

This is the ONLY privilege that should exist.

And Oprah is living proof of this…


“Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility.” – Oprah Winfrey