Americans are sick of the so-called “Squad” of liberal congresswomen that have forced their way into the spotlight over the last few years. We are watching what happens when Democrats control Congress and urban cities, and it’s utter mayhem. If we know what’s good for our country, we will kick these radical Leftists out of office when the next election rolls around. That’s exactly what’s happening in the state of Minnesota.

According to campaign fundraising numbers, Ilhan Omar’s opponent is vastly out-fundraising her, posing a serious threat to her future in Congress. Her Democrat challenger, Antone Melton-Meaux, told Minneapolis-based news outlet Star Tribune that, in the second quarter of 2020, he raised $3.2 million dollars for his campaign. At the same time, Omar’s fundraising numbers paled in comparison at a measly $472,000.

This is big news that enthusiasm to get Omar out of office, as rated by donations, is high enough to raise millions more for her opponent.

Before we get too excited, it’s important to note that Melton-Meaux is a progressive Democrat. But, in my book, we can forgive that if it means we can get a radical out and get a rational person in. According to Melton-Meaux’s campaign website, he is a progressive who criticizes party members who are overtaken with TDS.

His introduction states, “Today’s politics are divisive and hyper-partisan. We need people in Congress who want to get things done—not who get distracted fighting with Donald Trump on Twitter or even with their own party. I’ll do the hard work that comes along with the demands of public office, while remaining Focused On The Fifth. I’m dedicated to service, not celebrity.”

Alright, we have to admit that’s respectable – even if we disagree with him politically. Today’s politicians are obsessed with gratifying their ego and beating Trump, all done while abandoning their constituents. At this rate, I’m all for this guy if he means what he says.

However, my favorite detail about this story is that the Trump-endorsed GOP challenger to them both, Lacy Johnson, has comparably raised a little over $2 million dollars for his campaign.

This is such a fascinating election worth paying attention to. For one, there is an extremely high chance that Omar will be ousted in the Democrat primary held in August, which is reason enough to be excited. Assuming that happens, Melton-Meaux, a progressive, anti-TDS African American lawyer, will become the nominee for that House seat. He will then challenge the Republican nominee Lacy Johnson who is an African American conservative community leader and entrepreneur.

Two well-established African American men on different sides of the political spectrum will (hopefully) be running against each other. The Left has worked so hard this year to cause this racial divide between blacks and whites, but what happens when a black conservative runs against a black liberal? They can’t use the race card, so it will be interesting to watch this play out.

Also keep in mind, we’re talking about Minnesota, the place of origin for the George Floyd protests. This election will likely reflect how the people feel about the chaos that ensued and make that decision about what they want the future of our country to be.