If I had one wish for FreedomWire members, it would be that you get to live long, fruitful and fulfilling lives.

But if I got a second one, I’d wish that no one you know and love EVER embraces the “woke” mentality. I truly believe this movement has ripped apart more relationships than anything we’ve ever encountered.

Think about it…

How many friends and acquaintances have you lost over the past five years or so after they “got woke” and changed the way they viewed you and your ideals?

Three? Ten? Even more that?

The number varies, but one thing’s for sure: wokeness is destroying our country as the Left uses this tool to usher in their socialist ideal.

The term “woke” itself is actually a misnomer because a woke awakening doesn’t open your eyes to anything. You actually have your vision clouded and your field of vision narrowed by emotion, and you will never be able to view the big picture with such a limited perspective.

People who buy into these ideologies start looking at things myopically. They often can’t see that their quest for “social justice” is nothing more than an attack on Conservative ideals in an attempt to discredit any political stance that isn’t in line with theirs.

It Only SEEMS Like They’re Winning

The worst part of all of this is that they’re winning.

The constant attacks, the threat of a destroyed career, and the upending of a person’s entire life are changing the way other people think, act, and speak.

The woke have literally become the Thought Police that George Orwell warned us about in 1984

And each and every time someone apologizes for something they did 10, 20, or even 30 years ago, they just give these people more power.

Things have gotten bad…and for a while, I truly thought they were going to win.

I thought that we were going to lose our country to these Marxists and watch as, slowly but surely, we lost each and every one of the rights that God has given us and the Constitution was created to defend.

However, my feelings on that have changed…and thankfully so.

If that was the direction this country was headed, there would only have been one way to reverse course. But like we learned back in 1861, that way comes with a HEAVY and bloody price, and nobody wants to see that happen, regardless of what they may say.

Again, I truly feel that wokeism, while prevalent now, will eventually go the way of the Dodo.

There is one aspect of woke ideology that we didn’t account for – and it’s the aspect that will take the whole shebang down.

It all has to do with balance.

Why They’ll Lose In the End

The reason that wokeism won’t last and why the Left won’t win is because the sword of wokeism cuts BOTH ways. Just because the sword of social justice is being wielded by Liberals right now doesn’t mean that it won’t one day swing back around and run them through too.

The woke get their power from their feelings of moral superiority over the ones they’re trying to silence or cancel.

But when they slip up—and they always do—the sword they wielded with impunity is turned back on them. Once cut down from their pedestal, left limbless and bleeding before the mob, they just have to crawl around in the muck with the rest of us.

We saw this recently when a TikTok streamer by the username Neekolul (real name Nicole Sanchez) burst onto the scene with a viral video during the 2020 primary elections.

At the time, she was perhaps the biggest shill for Bernie Sanders we’ve ever seen.

If you haven’t seen the video where she dances wearing a Bernie shirt to the song “OK, Boomer,” then count yourself lucky. It was as annoying as it was cringy.

But it was a follow-up to that video that has Sanchez feeling the bite of the sword of social justice.

Here’s the video:

As you can see, she clearly likes that one song in particular, and she tried to recreate the phenomenon of her Bernie shirt video.

But did you read what her shirt said this time?

“Tax The Rich!”…and it’s one of AOC’s sweatshirts to boot!

That’s a huge catchphrase on the Left, and it gets repeated pretty often.

But it’s also painfully ironic, as it’s just been revealed that Sanchez just purchased a $2 million apartment for herself—and now she’s getting HAMMERED online.

The comments are coming in hard and fast, and she’s losing followers by the hour—because even though the Left’s favorite weapon is hypocrisy, they absolutely HATE it when that hypocrisy is used to make them ALL look bad.

Here’s one of my favorite responses so far: “This is the most tone deaf thing I’ve ever seen lol. ‘I’m gonna promote Bernie, say eat the rich for clout, get the views ‘cause big boobs, and then flaunt all my earnings thinking I’m doing well, while also moving to a state with less taxes for the wealthy.’ You are part of the problem now. Also don’t think we didn’t see that ‘I ain’t gonna tip a waiter well because he gives me my food/drinks’ tweet. You hypocrite.”

Oh, and did I mention that Sanchez drives around in a brand-new BMW as well?

And to highlight this girl’s cluelessness, here’s what she said about the whole “tax the rich” scenario: “I think when people mean like tax rich, I think at the end of the day they do mean like billionaires and people that have insane unfathomable amounts of wealth. Listen, listen whoever wants to show me to where those $1 to $5 million dollars are, I would happily follow you and reclaim them because I have no idea where this money is at or where it’s from.”

She’s going down, folks.

And this is why the direction that Liberals are trying to take America won’t last. They keep destroying the path with their own hypocrisy, and soon, America will rebel against this controlling way of thinking.

And I, for one, can’t wait!


“It is always easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them.” – Alfred Adler