I bet that got your attention.

But it’s true…

I truly believe that Obama was one of the best to ever do it.

In my eyes, he’s the most successful politician ever.

What makes him the most successful politician ever?

His efficiency.

Think about it — the man spent DECADES in public office and didn’t do anything!

His track record, as a public servant, is less a testament to his service and commitment to “Hope and Change” and more the development of a cool brand that all the kids love.

This man was able to stay in public “service” since he graduated Columbia, became a senator and then became president of the United States.

Without barely doing anything to note.

THAT is efficiency at its highest form.

Never mind the fact that as a senator, Obama voted “absent” 130 times or just did not vote at all, leaving a legacy that could best be described as “meh.”

His biggest accomplishment as president?

Creating one of the biggest tax burdens of the American people by forcing the Affordable Care Act through, even though it had opponents on both sides.

By the way, want to hear something that’s similar to a swift kick in the groin?

The Obamacare website cost $2 billion to build…

$2 freaking billion!

That may have had something to do with Michelle Obama’s college roommate getting the job, but what do I know?

And Pelosi is balking at giving Trump $5 billion for something tangible like the wall?

As the kids love to text to each other, “SMH!”

That’s Obama’s biggest accomplishment…

The other being the capture and kill of Osama bin Laden. While that is one I can respect, I don’t know if it’s as much on him wanting to do the right thing, as opposed to supporting that “cool” image he’d been cultivating since the beginning.

And that’s the problem with Barack Obama.

He was focused more on being considered “cool” than he was on actually being the president of the United States.

He’d rather hang with celebrities and musicians than world leaders and dignitaries.

Barack Obama’s presidency is an image with very little substance behind it.

It’s actually impressive how little he got done in eight years, compared to what Trump was able to accomplish in his first two.

Where did all his time go?

What was he doing during those eight years that his biggest achievement was America’s biggest tax burden in years?

Oh … I know!

He was too busy bowing to foreign leaders or letting them metaphorically slap America in the mouth.

Obama’s sole purpose seemed to be making America look and seem weaker to the rest of the world.

Do you remember how deep his bows were to both the Japanese emperor and the Saudi king? He was so low that he could probably see his reflection in their freshly shined shoes.

And do you remember Putin ordering his bombers to fly THROUGH American air space near Guam?

Probably not, as the mainstream media barely covered it, but at one point Putin was basically daring Obama to act like Ronald Reagan.

FYI, it didn’t happen.

Could you imagine what ol’ Ronnie would have done if a Russian warplane flew over American air space in his time?

Yeah, you know the response would have come fast and furious, as Reagan wasn’t a pushover.

He knew, like many of our past presidents knew…

For America to look strong, the president must look strong.

That is something that seems to have been lost over the past 20 years — starting with Clinton.

While I’ll admit that Slick Willy was effective, he wasn’t viewed as a strong president.

And as much as this pains me to say, neither did George W. Bush come off as a particularly strong president either.

However, in W’s case, his image was less his fault and more the mainstream media’s coverage of him. They made him look like a dolt — a loveable dolt — but a dolt nonetheless. However, when the history books are written, I believe he’ll go down as one of the better presidents that America has ever had.

Clinton made us look weak, W’s media image made us look weak and Obama made us look weak.

And maybe that’s Trump’s biggest problem…

He’s making us look strong.

He’s not taking guff from anybody — you cross us, you get dealt with in a swift manner.

North Korea threatens us? They get blockaded and sanctioned to obscurity.

China doesn’t want to renegotiate our trade deal? They get tariffs that will hurt them a lot more than it’ll hurt us.

Hordes of illegal immigrants looking to invade our country? They get the wall and National Guard.

Are you seeing the trend?

Trump is probably the WORST to ever play the game, because he doesn’t care about the game. His job is to win.

He’s not a politician, he’s a businessman. We knew what we were getting when we voted him in.

He’s not slick and polished like Obama.

Obama was born to be a politician — where he was born may still be up for debate — but he was born to do it.

Sure, he didn’t accomplish much…

But hey, he looked good NOT doing it, right?