For the past 18 months, Americans have been told that they can’t throw large parties, attend public events, or even safely host family gatherings. Weddings, parties, holidays, and even funerals have either been canceled or held via Zoom groups, and in-person celebrations for any reason have been frowned upon.

But as we’ve consistently seen, these types of events are perfectly fine if you are a member of the ruling class. While we’ve all been locked down, politicians and cultural elites haven’t altered their behavior in the slightest.

And if you’re former President Barack Obama, the term “super-spreader event” doesn’t mean a thing…especially not on your birthday.

According to a new announcement, even as Biden talks another nationwide lockdown, former President Obama is planning a big birthday bash for himself with 700 of his closest friends.

That’s a lot of friends. But, hey gang, Donald Trump is the only president to ever have a massive ego. Barack Obama is all class, and if you say otherwise, you are a racist…or something.

The former president is hosting a party at his $12 million mansion in Martha’s Vineyard.

The home is a 29-acre beachfront property (an unusual choice for someone concerned with global warming and rising sea levels) with a 6,892-square-foot main house. Oh, and there are 7 bedrooms and 8 ½ bathrooms.

Clearly, Obama is a man of the people.

The Obamas will play host to many A-list celebrities, including Steven Spielberg and a performance by the classic rock band Pearl Jam.

It’s hard to get more elitist than buying a mansion in Martha’s Vineyard, especially from a couple who have derided wealthy people for longer than anyone can remember.

They are just dripping with hypocrisy.

What happened to the Barack Obama that said, “When you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody”? Or the guy that said, “At a certain point, you’ve made enough money”?

What point indicates “enough money,” exactly? Maybe $200 million…maybe $1 billion. Someone should ask him where he stands now, because that would be good to know. It would be just terrible if business owners and innovators helped improve the standard of living for us all and made too much money.

People like Obama, who has never created a job or managed a business, deserve to be the rich ones.

As he said himself during the 2012 campaign, if you’re successful, “you didn’t build that.”

The Obamas have a combined net worth of $135 million, and the couple bought a house in Washington D.C in 2017 for $8.1 million.

That’s a good gig if you can get it.

Of course, that “gig” was being the president of the United States.

Obama had never worked a job of any significance in his life until he became a United States Senator, then President.

Without the American taxpayers, the Obamas wouldn’t be able to afford their current royal lifestyle.

Unlike Liberals, most Conservatives don’t care if people get rich. In fact, it’s usually laudable because they help grow the economy, which benefits everyone.

Conservatives believe you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Our nation was founded on the principle of property rights. People should be allowed to keep what they earn and spend it on whatever they would like.

However, the Obamas should be called out for their blatant hypocrisy.

They go around preaching about income inequality and blast wealthy CEOs, while at the same time cashing in on book and speech deals.

Michelle Obama is more like Marie Antoinette than Mother Teresa. She has no problem letting the rest of the population “eat cake” while she eats steak and lobster at expensive steakhouses.

They are the classic example of limousine liberals, who say one thing and do another. They claim to stand for the poor and working-class while at the same time living in million-dollar mansions and driving expensive cars.

They gallivant around the world in their private planes and then preach about climate change and fossil fuel usage when they land.

But it’s ok if Obama has a large party because he is a former president…and, as we all know, when you’re a successful Liberal, COVID rules don’t apply.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter that he is having a party because it’s his own private property and all the invitees are coming of their own free will.

And that is exactly the point.

For the past year, our ruling class has mandated how we act, not just in public, but in private as well.

They told us how many people we were allowed to have in our homes, shut down our places of worship, and essentially canceled Thanksgiving and Christmas last year.

In Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer went as far as banning people from traveling to their vacation properties in Northern Michigan or going to visit friends and family. Of course, we later found out that she did both of those things within a few weeks.

California Governor Gavin Newsom defied his own restaurant mandate and had a lavish meal at a Napa Valley restaurant, complete with maskless donors and associates.

Nancy Pelosi got a hair blowout at a San Francisco beauty salon even when most salons were ordered to be closed, and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot similarly got a haircut in violation of local COVID rules.

Obama and the rest of these hypocrites are practicing the classic dictum: “Rules for thee but not for me.”

The rest of us peasants can eat cake. After all, it is Obama’s birthday.