Former President Barack Obama’s book tour rolls on. The media continues to fawn over their favorite president, eating up all his self-serving statements meant to make him appear as a unifying force in American politics. Anyone old enough to remember his presidency knows that he was anything but a unifying leader.

Obama might not have been bombastic, but he certainly was an egomaniac, and he continues to be to this day.

One would think Barack Obama of all people would appreciate the opportunities this country has provided him. He was the first black president and easily won re-election.

But Obama doesn’t acknowledge the progress Americans have made on race relations since the Civil Rights Movement. He goes even further by stating that America is still a racist country to this day. That’s right—in Obama’s mind, this is still a terrible place for minorities to live, despite ample evidence to the contrary.

Obama told NPR “That fever [racism], as you said, that’s been a defining feature of a lot of our life,” Obama said, adding that he never believed that Americans were living in a “post-racial era.”

“I think that what did happen during my presidency was yes, a backlash among some people who felt that somehow, I symbolized the possibility that they or their group were losing status not because of anything I did, but just by virtue of the fact that I didn’t look like all the other presidents previously,” he said.

Many Americans were “scared” or “frightened” by the advancement of blacks or Latinos, he explained, because they were racist.

“It would surprise me if you didn’t have a big cross-section of the country that was still carrying around a bunch of baggage and still a little disturbed by the advances that African Americans had made,” Obama said.

He continued, “It would surprise me if changing demographics and the growing Latino population didn’t scare a certain segment of this population, just because I know enough about American history to know that that’s always been a fault line in American history.”

If I had the opportunity to interview Barack Obama, I would ask him what law enshrines segregation in today’s America. This isn’t the Jim Crow era anymore; this is 2020. If race relations are worse now than ever before, it isn’t because of conservatives or Donald Trump; it’s because of Obama and the radical Left.

Minorities were making historic economic gains prior to the pandemic. According to CNN Business, “Black unemployment fell to a record low in August [2019], helped by a jump in the number of black women on the job.

The unemployment rate for black workers fell to 5.5% from 6%, according to the Labor Department data. The previous record low of 5.9% was set in May 2018.

The unemployment rate for black women fell to a record 4.4% from 5.2% in July. The unemployment rate for black men crept up to 5.9% from 5.8%. But the previous month’s rate was a record, so the rate is still near its historic low.

Unemployment among workers who identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino also fell in August to 4.2%, which matched a record low set earlier this year.”

But despite the economic gains for minorities, and the increase in minority elected officials, Barack Obama continues to believe that America is a no -good, racist place that stifles racial progress.

But, hey gang, Barack Obama is still a unifying figure…or something.