Joe Biden is obviously in the stages of mental decline. If he wasn’t running for president, I would feel bad for him. It’s sad to watch as someone his age starts to lose their memory and ability to speak coherently. I don’t wish dementia on anyone—not even a Democrat. Like many of you, I have family members who struggle with this and it is emotionally draining at times.

However, Joe Biden is running to be the next leader of the most powerful nation on earth and the country can’t afford to have a commander-in-chief who can’t think on his feet or make an informed decision because he can’t accurately process information.

President Trump has rightfully made this an issue of the campaign and has ample evidence to back up his “Slow Joe” critique. But of course. the New York Times is claiming that Trump isn’t telling the truth, even while they actively cover for Biden’s deficiencies.

If you want a good laugh, here is a joke brought to you courtesy of the New York Times: “Mr. Trump and his backers have spent months suggesting, without proof, that Mr. Biden is in cognitive decline.”

Told you it was a funny one! It strains credulity to believe that statement. All you need to do is watch one Biden speech or interview and you know that Trump is 100% correct when he calls out Biden’s mental lapses.

For example, a video shows Biden failing to recall the last time he was sworn into public office. He told a town hall in Iowa that he was waiting for Obama to pick him up and ride together to their second inauguration. He couldn’t recall if the inauguration was in “January of 2012, actually 2013, no wait a minute, we got elected in 2012…2010…or 2013.”

Apparently, Joe needs to keep an Amazon Alexa on his person at all times so he can ask it to look up basic information about himself. He might end up looking less foolish that way.

Biden’s campaign has been riddled with similar memory failures and gaffes. At an event hosted by the Asian and Latino coalition, he referred to former British Prime Minister Theresa May as “Margaret Thatcher.” Thatcher WAS a former British PM, but she left office in the 90s and died in 2013.

At least Biden was kind of close on that one.

After an appearance at a gun-control forum hosted by Moms Demand Action, Biden told reporters that students from Parkland, Florida—who survived the mass shooting that killed 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School— “came up to see me when I was Vice-President.”

That’s pretty unlikely, seeing as the shooting took place in 2017, a year after Biden left office. Unless Joe has a time machine, that probably didn’t happen.

Biden had another highly-publicized gaffe in which he said: “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

Oops. That was a bigoted slip of the tongue. If it had been President Trump saying that, the media would have lost their minds and talked about it for days. They would also probably call for the 25th Amendment to be used to remove Trump from office.

Sleepy Joe couldn’t even recall who Barack Obama was, despite having worked with him directly for eight years.

These are in no way an exhaustive list of Slow Joe’s mental gaffes. I don’t have enough time to cite them all. It would require writing an entire book to exhaust the list, and even then, I would probably have to write two volumes, and the gaffes just keep coming. Every time Biden is even a little off-script, something is bound to go wrong….and even when he’s on script, he might very well end up reading directions off a teleprompter anyway.

The real question is: how much longer is the media going to keep covering for him?