Only a Liberal could propose a “life-saving tactic” that actually puts lives in danger.

But that’s what they’re doing in New York. A recently-proposed NYPD Police Reform bill would actually CRIMINALIZE some of the safest and most effective NON-violent control tactics that an officer of the law can use to subdue a violent suspect.

According to the proposal, any restraint position that puts pressure on the diaphragm or restricts the suspect’s ability to breathe COMFORTABLY in any way—such as sitting on their back or shoulders—will now grounds for an officer being charged with criminal actions.

And it doesn’t matter whether the contact was on purpose OR accidental.

So, if a suspect is thrashing around and a cop’s knee or body accidentally comes in contact with the diaphragm, ribs, or back, that officer can now be held liable…

Even if NO injury occurred!

And that’s the worst part, right?

If no harm befalls the suspect and the police are able to get him handcuffed and put in the car, if there is any evidence that the officer’s body came onto contact with any other part of the suspect’s body that could hinder breathing, that officer can now be charged.

This is baffling…

And as an instructor in grappling martial arts, this entire movement to castrate the police by banning tactics that are used to save lives is absolutely disgusting.

Liberals Putting Lives In DANGER

The Liberals think they’re saving lives…

But they’re putting MORE lives in danger if they allow this police reform bill to pass.


Because when you take non-violent options away from the cops, you’re putting them in danger…

And LEOs in danger may have to opt for a more violent and lethal alternative.

Is that what Liberals want?

Because that is what they’re setting up. There’s no doubt about it.

The same can be said about chokeholds.

As somebody that teaches the correct technique on how to control and subdue another person, I’ll tell you that there are plenty of ways that you can apply pressure and chokes without putting someone’s life in danger.

Taking Safe Tools Away From LEOs

In fact…

Chokes are some of the least violent ways to subdue a person. Would you rather have an officer repeatedly punching a suspect? Or would you rather that officer use a safe technique to subdue the suspect where both people walk away relatively unscathed from the incident?

The thing is, it’s not hard…

I can teach somebody how to safely choke an individual in an afternoon.

However, teaching and learning the technique isn’t hard…

But retaining the information is. It’s why it’s being suggested that police departments implement a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program that officers are required to attend in order to be certified to do their job safely and effectively.

Marietta, Georgia made Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mandatory last year—and a lot of the officers have enjoyed it so much that they’re training beyond what is required of them.

It’s a smart move…

Unlike de Blasio’s idea to castrate his police department.

What does he expect his officers to do with a violent criminal? Talk him into submission? Have a couch session like they’re therapists?

This is an incredible DUMB and dangerous move—and everybody living in New York should do whatever they can to ensure that this reform doesn’t go through…

Your city and its citizens will be less safe than ever before.

Here is a video on the matter – it’s worth watching:


“So far this made it evident that the Jiu Jitsu man could handle the ordinary wrestler.” – Teddy Roosevelt