Sadly, the mob is winning the war on cops.

The rise in anti-cop rhetoric and calls to defund and abolish the police are having exactly the intended effect, and the data proves it.

In New York City, the nation’s largest metropolitan area, cops are retiring from/quitting the NYPD at alarming rates following last summer’s anti-policing riots, which have continued unabated this year.

The New York Post reported, “More than 5,300 NYPD uniformed officers retired or put in their papers to leave in 2020 — a 75 percent spike from the year before, department data show.

The exodus — amid the pandemic, anti-cop hostility, riots, and a skyrocketing number of NYC shootings — saw 2,600 officers say goodbye to the job and another 2,746 file for retirement, a combined 5,346.

In 2019, the NYPD had 1,509 uniformed officers leave and 1,544 file for retirement, for a total of 3,053.

The departures and planned departures of 5,300 officers represents about 15 percent of the force. Already, as of April 5, the NYPD headcount of uniformed officers has dropped to 34,974 from 36,900 in 2019.

Through April 21 of this year, 831 cops have retired or filed to leave.”

This trend is happening nationwide as well.

City Journal reported, “A survey news story indicates that across America’s 50 largest cities, at least 23 have seen chiefs or line officers resign, retire, or take disability this year. Nearly 3,700 beat cops have left, a large proportion from the NYPD (down 7 percent of its officers) but with big drops in Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and elsewhere, too. The Major Cities Chiefs Association told the Wall Street Journal that 18 of its 69 member executives had retired, resigned, or been fired over the past year.”

Americans are going to be less safe as a result of the mob getting their way and forcing cops out of service, as evidenced by mounds of data showing that increasing cop concentration in areas reduces crimes in those jurisdictions.

Researchers Aaron Chalfin and Justin McCary found that adding police to the force by COPS [Federal government grants] generated statistically significant reductions in auto thefts, burglaries, robberies, and aggravated assaults.

Sarit Weisburd of Tel Aviv University studied the Dallas Police Department and estimated that a 10 percent decrease in police presence at a given beat and hour increases crime at that location by 7 percent.

The Uniform Crime Reporting Program data shows that, since the 1994 Crime Act—which provided Federal funding for hiring more police officers—annual murders fell from 24,530 to 16,214 in 2018. Keep in mind that there are over 70 million more people in the country now than there were in 1993. So, we have far more people and far less crime. The criminal justice system must have been doing something right over the past 25 years.

Total crime, which includes both violent and non-violent crime, has fallen as well. In 1994, there were 5,375 total crimes for every 100,000 people; in 2018 that rate had declined to 2,580 for every 100,000 people.

This “defund the police” movement will cripple our law enforcement’s ability to do their jobs effectively, and we will all suffer as a result. Our lives are now being put in more danger thanks to the woke mob.