Unfortunately, New York City teachers and other employees of the public school system must continue the fight against vaccine mandates after a short-lived legal win was overturned by another court.

After a federal appeals court ruled that NYC educators and school staff would not be required to adhere with the city’s vaccine mandate that went into effect this week, a panel of judges reversed the decision.

The Department of Education will now be permitted to enforce their unconstitutional vaccine mandate and place teachers on unpaid leave if they do not comply.

No religious, medical, or personal exemptions are being permitted, despite over 90 percent of the state’s teachers already being vaccinated, U.S. News reported.

The battle goes on for New York’s unvaccinated. Will they be victorious in the end? Or will they be pushed out of the state entirely?

The answer is yet to be determined.

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Original publication date: 9/27/21

Mass civil disobedience has worked time and time again in the fight against tyranny, and it’s working now in New York City, where government officials are imposing the most tyrannical Covid-19 vaccine mandates in the nation.

Over the weekend, a federal appeals judge from the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to block NYC’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate from being enforced for teachers and other public education workers employed by the NYC Department of Education, Fox News reported.

The educator vaccine mandate that was set to take effect on Monday would have separated or suspended without pay any school personnel if they did not report proof that they received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, according to the outlet.

The rule would reportedly have affected less than 20 percent of the Department of Education employees who remain unvaccinated.

In response, the education department vowed to seek a “speedy resolution by the Circuit Court next week” to reverse the halt placed on the vaccine mandate, and said its “vax-or-test mandate remains in effect.”

This legal battle between unvaccinated New York City educators and the federal government comes after massive protests swept the city several weekends in a row.

Led by a group called “Teachers for Choice,” anti-vaccine mandate protests joined by tens of thousands of New Yorkers have made it difficult for the government to enforce Covid-19 restrictions.

An ethnically diverse crowd can be seen walking through Times Square holding “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, American flags, and signs with anti-vaccine mandate and anti-face mask slogans.

Protests have since spread to Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, and Staten Island.

While chanting “USA, USA,” unvaccinated demonstrators held a “sit-in” on Saturday at a local food court that has a rule discriminating against them because of their medical status.

As a result of growing protests across the state which is home to some of the most un-American pandemic restrictions, the courts are finally getting involved. While the appeals court that ruled on the teacher vaccine mandate is just one small win, it could set precedence for the lengthy legal battles to come.