George Washington University is considering changing the name of their nickname — the “Colonials.”

Students are pushing to change the nickname — started in May of last year — after a petition was signed by 538 university students. The students claimed that the term Colonials is “extremely offensive by not only students of the university, but the nation and world at large.”

The student government passed a resolution calling a referendum that would let all current students decide “whether or not the Colonials moniker is one that represents GW students.”

Drama queens.

I am sure people in the “nation and world at large” are losing sleep over the name of a mascot.

News flash, kids: You aren’t that important!

One of the snowflake students — Amy Martin — a student senator who sponsored the resolution, called the term “extremely offensive.”

She said:

A colonial is an actor of colonialism … even when we hear people say colonials are just people who lived in colonies, we have to consider how those colonies were set up and who lived there before and who was kicked out so the colonists could move in … the nickname disregards the suffering of native people in the past, and also the feelings of marginalized students right now … we need to listen to those who feels disenfranchised by this term.

Your taxpayer dollars at work.

Today’s college students are taught to hate America.

There are other efforts nationwide to remove memorials dedicated to the Founding Fathers.

Recently, a memorial dedicated to George Washington was removed from the church he attended in Alexandria, Virginia. The church cited the fact that a few parishioners felt “uncomfortable” with a plaque in Washington’s honor, and therefore the church decided to remove it. Across the country there have been calls for the removal of other monuments, including the Jefferson Memorial and Mount Rushmore.

Al Sharpton called for the abandonment of the Jefferson Memorial and Vice News’s Wilbert L. Cooper called for the destruction of Mount Rushmore — because in some way each was responsible for “horrific atrocities.” In Chicago, a local pastor called for the removal of a park named after George Washington.

This sentiment reflects a poor understanding of the Founder’s great accomplishments. The Founders should be celebrated today for establishing a nation dedicated to the preservation of natural rights and inspiring future civil-rights leaders in their pursuit of freedom.

They believed these liberties came from God, not government. The Founders believed that the government’s main function was to protect the liberties of the individual, while at the same time preventing the individual from infringing on the rights of another individual.

But the Founders didn’t believe in government handouts and social programs — so their memory must be destroyed.

They weren’t social justice warriors.

If they were big government liberals, then they would be building monuments to them and worship them using pagan rituals.

The snowflakes don’t like the Founders — not because of their views on race, but because they despise the system of government they established. The Founders feared people like them when they wrote our constitution.

Thank God, they did.

Additionally, their words and actions laid the foundation for the emancipation and freedom of later generations of Americans. Frederick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and others would use the words of the Founders to advocate for equality under the law.

Not equality of outcomes.

It is a sad state of affairs that we are even discussing the desecration of memorials to these great men — imperfect as they may have been.

They won our independence — and laid the groundwork for future liberation of minorities.

But, don’t tell the snowflakes at George Washington University. They may need to go to their safe spaces.