Isn’t it funny that the Democrats are attacking Trump over a downturn in the American economy caused by the GLOBAL pandemic?

And by “funny,” I mean it’s laughable that they think Americans are dumb enough to believe that the economic downturn was caused by anything other than the virus (or maybe China).

That’s the complete list of entities to blame for the closed economy that put the world on hold.

It was a policy…

It wasn’t a burst-bubble…

It wasn’t overspending…

It was 100% because we were forced to shut down the economy in order to keep the population of the United States safe—or at least that’s what the “experts” like Fauci and others told us.

It’s a peculiar thing, a shutdown…

Turns out, if people aren’t allowed to go to work, then nobody makes money.

That may seem like a novel idea to the Democrats, but to the Right, this was no surprise to. After all, we have a pretty good grasp on mathematics as well as cause and effect.

The Shutdown Came At A Cost

We knew that we weren’t going to come out of this unscathed – just like we KNEW that this wasn’t Donald Trump’s fault. Rather, we knew to blame the virus that the mainstream media built up to be an extinction-level event.

Of course, now we know that it was nowhere near that bad, and many of the deaths that have happened would more than likely have happened regardless. But even so, all those positive COVID tests added credence to the Left’s claims, giving them the ammunition they needed to shut down our country indefinitely.

During the debates, Creepy Joe brought it up, trying his hardest to make the country believe it was Trump’s fault. Biden also predicted a K-shaped recovery as our country starts to reopen.

Many Americans didn’t know what that meant, but to put it in the simplest terms, if you chart economic recovery along an X/Y graph, it’s where some aspects of the economy go back up and others continue their downward trend into the fiscal toilet. Some industries would recover, others would keep suffering with no end in sight.

Trump said it was a “V-Shaped recovery,” meaning that everything that was going down following the lockdown started going back up to where it was before,


The numbers are in – and can you guess who was right?

Well, while we don’t have ALL the data, one of the most important numbers indicates that President Trump was correct and Creepy Joe Biden was wrong once again.

“K-Shaped Recovery,” Our A**!!!

The US Commerce Department is reporting that retail sales jumped 1.9% compared with August, when sales increased just 0.6% from the previous months.

That means that, over the past five months the gains we’ve made since shutting the economy down are ACCELERATING, putting to question the economists who said we’d only be experiencing 0.8% of a jump in sales. To clarify, we experienced DOUBLE that.

This is HUGE…

Sales in multiple categories are up from the year-ago levels, indicating what seems to be a FULL recovery from the recession brought on us by the lockdown. This means that, without the shutdown, we may have been making more money than we’d ever dreamed.

The auto industry—including parts and labor—rose an astounding 3.6%, putting it up over 10% from LAST years numbers.

Clothing store sales boomed, rising 11%…

Department store sales jumped 9.7%, which shows that there is a better gain than last year as the sales decline slows down.

Bars and restaurants are back to making money, and sales improved in that sector by 2.1%…

Things are moving in the right direction all around.

This is what we knew would happen. This pandemic was ultimately nothing more than a hiccup in a booming economy. We knew if they’d just let Americans back to work, we’d be back to kicking butt like before we went in the lockdowns.

Trump said we’d be winning with him in charge…

And he’s absolutely right.

This is why we need four more years with this guy at the helm…

If this is what he does with a global pandemic going on, can you imagine what would have happened if there wasn’t?

Better yet, can you imagine what would have happened if the Democrats had just gotten the hell out of his way?

Trump’s a winner…

And he’s been winning for America since stepping into the White House. Let’s keep that trend going!


“You were sick, but now you’re well again, and there’s work to do.” ― Kurt Vonnegut