It has been disheartening to watch sports the past week. As a lifelong mega-sports fan, it has been especially frustrating and sad for me to see major sports figures disrespect the Stars and Stripes during pregame ceremonies, taking a knee for the playing of the National Anthem.

If we are such a racist country, then why are minority athletes who make tens of millions of dollars playing a sport for a living? Not to mention playing in desegregated leagues.

Prior to Jackie Robinson’s historic debut in 1948 with the Brooklyn Dodgers, black players were banned from Major League Baseball and relegated to their own league called the “Negro Leagues.” Sadly, many of the great Negro League players never even stepped foot on a major league baseball diamond. The baseball record books would look a lot different if they had, and national sports would’ve been better for it.

Modern-day players of all races are kneeling for the Anthem and disrespecting the country that has provided them with such wonderful opportunities. The Negro League Players could only dream of having the playing careers that modern-day big leaguers have.

Don’t even get me started on the NBA. The National Social Justice Basketball Association debuted last night to a kneeling quartet of professional basketball players who displayed social justice platitudes. Basketball legend Shaquille O’ Neil praised the solidarity of the players. Another legend of the sport, Charles Barkley stood up for any player who actually does stand up for the Anthem and asked that they not be belittled by their peers.

I give credit to Barkley for saying that, but that is a sad reflection of our times that he even felt compelled to defend those who actually STAND for our National Anthem.

Thankfully, there is one professional sports league that is refusing to bend the knee to the mob. The National Hockey League has so far has had zero players kneel for the Anthem.

That makes me happy because I am a giant hockey fan and the Detroit Red Wings are my favorite team of all time (although it hasn’t been their best year on the ice).

The Daily Wire reported, “Bucking trends in other professional sports, not a single player kneeled during the playing of the National Anthem at three different NHL exhibition games played this week.

The Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins all stood for the anthem on Tuesday.

“The Penguins and Flyers, two of the fiercest rivals in sports, united in solidarity this afternoon, to stand up against social injustice, racism, and hate,” a post from the Penguins said. “The teams stood as one across each club’s respective blue lines prior to today’s game.”

During an exhibition game between the New York Islanders and New York Rangers in Toronto Wednesday, all players and coaches stood as the Canadian and Americans national anthems played before the game started.

The following day, Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators players stood during the national, as well. Instead of taking a knee, players locked arms before the exhibition game “as a show of unity supporting equality,” Dallas News reported.

Hopefully, this trend continues. It’s pretty sad that a sport that originated in Canada has players that are more patriotic than those who play in sports invented in the United States.