Ever since I was six years old and watched my first Super Bowl, I have been hooked on the NFL. I can’t remember a time when football hasn’t been a part of my Sunday fall regimen. I looked forward all week to that Sunday 1:00 kickoff and stayed glued to the TV all day. Even as a Detroit Lions fan (which, for anybody that knows anything about the NFL, is dedication) I watched all 17 weeks and every playoff game.

Football Sundays were a welcome respite from the problems of the world, including life issues, negative news, and politics. Even as someone who comments on politics for a living, I needed a day off. Sadly, those days of pure entertainment and escapism are over thanks to the Left. The Left ruin everything that is fun. Sports, movies, music, and even casual dining have fallen victim to the woke crowd, and it is a shame.

I believe that sports are actually very important to our society. Not only do they provide escapism and teach sportsmanship and the importance of hard work and dedication to a craft, but in the worst days of our nation’s history, they helped unite the country.

Following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, our nation was grieving and rightfully angry. Fortunately, sports organizations, including the NFL, helped our nation come together and cope with the tragedy. The displays of patriotism before opening kickoff or first pitch are forever stamped in my mind. Who can forget President George W. Bush—with Secret Service snipers on the roof of Yankee Stadium and with the president wearing a bulletproof vest—throwing a perfect strike for the first pitch of Game Three of the 2001 World Series?

The playing of God Bless American and the National Anthem brought big tough football players to tears. They unabashedly loved America and weren’t afraid to show it.

What happened to our country? What happened to our athletes, who many kids look up to and now see their role models taking a knee and disrespecting our flag? What kind of example are they setting? They are teaching kids to hate the country that has provided them the opportunity to get paid millions of dollars to play a sport. If the United States of America is a racist country, we are bad at being racists.

Sports Illustrated reported that “NFL end zones will be inscribed with two slogans this season: ‘It Takes All Of Us’ on one end line, ‘End Racism’ on the other… As part of its social justice awareness initiatives, the NFL also will allow similar visuals on helmets and caps.

The league had previously announced it would allow decals on the back of helmets, or patches on team caps, displaying names or phrases to honor victims of racism and/or police brutality.

Players can choose either a name of a victim or one of four preferred phrases the NFL has approved: ‘Stop Hate’; ‘It Takes All Of Us’; ‘End Racism’; or ‘Black Lives Matter.’ The same choices are available for coaches and on-field officials. Each week, the NFL will feature the story of a victim of social or racial injustice or police brutality and tell that person’s story ‘in and around’ the games, the league said.”

Players will also be allowed to boycott the Star-Spangled Banner and sit out games if they feel they need to take a stand against racial injustice.

After contemplating these initiatives by the NFL, it is with deep sadness that I have decided to not watch football this season as long as they remain political and allow our country to be disrespected on a national stage.

I say “sadness” because it is actually sad to me. The NFL used to represent the best of America and openly celebrated our country and the opportunity it has provided for people from all walks of life, especially the plight of NFL Players who could rise from poverty to millionaires.

Now that very same league of players has decided it is more important to tear down the country that has given them so much, and as someone who loves and defends this country on a daily basis, I will be tuning out this season.

I love my country more than I love the game. That will never change.