As if Californians needed any more proof that Governor Gavin Newsom doesn’t know what he’s doing, he has struck again with the idea to send another round of stimulus checks to low- and middle-class-income residents.

In unveiling a $100 billion “California Comeback Plan” on Monday, Newsom intends to send a new round of $600 stimulus checks to individuals who make up to $75,000 per year, the Bay Area News Group reported. An additional $500 would be tacked on for families with dependent children.

Of course, since California is a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants, noncitizens will also be eligible to receive checks under the governor’s next stimulus package.

The governor also supports spending $5.2 billion to aid Californians in paying off 100 percent of back rent. $2 billion would go toward paying off overdue utility bills, including water, gas, and electricity.

Where will the funding for the new stimulus checks come from, you may ask?

From the state’s massive $75 billion budget surplus, of course.

The fact that California has tens of billions of dollars in unused state funding should disturb each and every resident of the Golden State.

Don’t get me wrong, helping Californians pay off unpaid bills caused by unemployment induced by government-imposed lockdowns isn’t a bad idea.

But, considering that Californians are still benefitting from a federal rent moratorium, three national stimulus checks, and at least one state stimulus check, it seems crazy to think that Newsom wants to spend the state surplus on even more stimulus checks, despite a surplus of job openings and not enough workers to fill them.

However, that money could be used to combat far worse issues the state is facing, such as the state’s unprecedented homeless crisis and substance abuse problem, which have surged in recent years, and especially over the past year. Yet while those crises go unaddressed, Newsom unnecessarily gives away free money for no good economic reason.

Instead of helping displaced and otherwise affected Californians get back on their feet, Newsom is enabling them to stay home and not return to work, further hindering the state’s – and the country’s – economic recovery.

Perhaps this bad decision is just one of many reasons why millions of Californians support ousting Newsom from the governor’s seat.