No state should be forced to endure the reign of a tyrannical governor, like Gavin Newsom of California, simply because the cost will be burdensome on taxpayers.

Especially, when there is no reason to force Californians to fit the bill since the state had a budget surplus nearing $100 billion as of May.

Yet, one of Newsom’s main arguments against the recall effort is that it would be costly to go through with removing him from office.

A letter sent Thursday to legislators from the Department of Finance states it would cost California’s 58 counties a collective $215 million to conduct a recall election, The Hill reported.

“The total costs reported by all counties to conduct a special statewide recall election is $215 million,” Keely Martin Bosler, State Director of California’s Department of Finance wrote in the letter to lawmakers. “This estimate does not reflect the Secretary of State’s costs associated with a statewide recall election.”

The estimate is just over half of the original prediction that the process would cost $400 million.

The outlet added recall election costs range from $19,000 in a small county to $50 million in a massive county like in Los Angeles. Local governments who may not be able to afford to shell out the necessary cash are reportedly planning to ask the legislature for the funds.

Newsom has used the high cost of holding a special election to replace him as governor against taxpayers who are already experiencing financial burden after extended pandemic lockdowns Newsom imposed on them – hence the recall effort in the first place.

Adding fuel to the fire for Californians who are determined to recall him, he is using residents’ financial hardship, which he caused, against them.

The state has 75 times the amount of money necessary to hold a recall election through its historic budget surplus, nearly 40 percent of which was funded by the most recent federal stimulus package. This is money that Newsom is just giving away in a vaccine lottery, potentially more stimulus checks, and who knows what other unnecessary spending items he is considering.

Yet, he is attempting to persuade Californians to withdraw their names from the recall effort because of potential added financial responsibility.

With such an egregious budget surplus, no additional financial burden should be placed on Californians who reserve the right to recall their governor and whose taxpayer dollars fund the state’s operations.

The state should be obligated to fulfill any county’s request to pay recall election fees, especially in America where we reserve the right to impeach, recall, censure, or any other act of rejecting elected officials who go against the will of the people.