What a strange world we’re living in…

Back in the day, when you saw a trans person, you weren’t required to make concessions for their mental disorder.

Actually… even calling it a mental disorder these days is controversial now that “science” has been trying to normalize trans identity for the last few years.

The fact of the matter is that, even after all the cultural conditioning, seeing a trans person can be shocking simply because it goes against what is “natural.”

The advocates and trans-affirming psychologists of today tell us that the reaction is just because we were taught by a straight society to see it as “weird” or “unnatural,” but that doesn’t change the fact that that’s how we view ALL things that go against reality.

If you saw a cat and somebody told you it was a dog—and even demanded that YOU call it a dog—you’d have the same reaction.

So, why do they think we shouldn’t have a reaction to seeing a person who obviously belongs to one gender living as though they were the other.

Here’s the secret that the Left doesn’t realize about this dilemma…

We can see something as “weird” and still accept it at the same time—and we can still treat others with respect as well.

There ARE Dangers To This Way Of Thinking

For some reason, the Left believes if someone says they’re a girl, even if they’re not, we should go right along with the PRETENDING they’re a girl—and even go so far as allowing them to do the same things all girls do, up to and including using bathrooms and playing sports alongside women.

Now, the inherent problem here is that a trans-woman isn’t necessarily homosexual. A trans-woman can live like a woman but still be attracted to women (just being a lesbian from that perspective), which is where the problems arise.

If you have a biological male using the same bathroom as a biological female, when there could also be a sexual attraction, it can lead to issues.

That’s obvious, and states like North Carolina have taken measures to avoid those issues by outlawing the practice…

But it’s something that more states should take a good long look at.

Even more scary is the direction of the conversation about transwomen’s roles in female sports.

Regardless of whether hormone replacement therapy has been used or not, studies have shown that transwomen have a physical advantage over biological women, making them bigger and stronger simply due to exposure to testosterone in the womb.

If the Left wants to talk about science, then they can’t pick and choose which science to believe—because this is actual science, no matter how they deny it.

This thinking is putting not only women’s sports in danger, but also endangering female athletes themselves. In physical sports like lacrosse, soccer, or basketball, a highspeed collision with a trans female that had all the benefits of stronger muscles and harder bones from testosterone exposure could be extremely dangerous, even fatal, for the biological female.

But even when collisions are avoidable, it’s an unfair advantage…and it’s unfair of society to force women to compete against people that are most often their physical superior.

Is This Decision Fair?!

Like it or not, people are biologically programmed for our roles…but Leftists don’t want to accept that.

We’re seeing this now on the world stage, as New Zealand has just chosen a transwoman to be on their Olympic female weightlifting team.

Laurel Hubbard will become the first transgender athlete to compete at the Olympics after being selected by Kiwi’s for the women’s event at the Tokyo Games…

The New Zealand Olympic Committee announced on Monday that 43-year-old Hubbard would compete for the country in the women’s super-heavyweight 87-kg category at the upcoming Games

Now, keep in mind, Hubbard competed as a male up until the age of 35 before transitioning in 2013. That’s a LOT of testosterone exposure.

How is this fair to any female New Zealand 87-kg weightlifters? These women who worked for years to get close to being selected have now lost this spot to a biological male.

Not only that…

How is it fair to the other female 87-kg competitors from around the world who will be at the games?

If this is the new precedent, what’s to stop a country from fielding an all transwoman team and dominating women’s sports?

Can’t they see how slippery this slope is?

Can’t they see how this puts the entire idea of women’s sports in jeopardy?

Of course they can’t…but the damage is still being done.

Wokeness could put ALL women behind the 8-ball and set female equality back by decades…

But who cares, right? Let’s make sure that less than 1% of the population can play whatever sport they want.



“If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice, or representation.” – Abigail Adams