The ongoing wave of anti-vaccine mandate protests taking place around the globe has finally reached the United States. And it’s first stop? New York City.

Regardless of what you might think about New Yorkers who are often written off as “liberal” they are proving that although they may not be “conservative,” per say, they support the freedom guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, nonetheless.

Carrying copies of the constitution and chanting “F*** Joe Biden,” hundreds of New York City-dwellers took to the streets on Monday night in protest of the state’s tyrannical vaccine mandate and passport requirements as government enforcement measures ramp up.

“NOW – Protesters against mandatory vaccinations chant ‘F*** Joe Biden’ on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City,” an online news outlet tweeted about a video that showed a diverse crowd of New Yorkers coming together against vaccine mandates.

Leeroy Johnson, a NYC-based photographer, posted videos from the demonstrations which could inspire historic anti-vaccine mandate protests to take place across America.

“More from today’s protest against the mandatory shot In NYC. Massive crowd of protesters cross over the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC!”, he tweeted.

Marchers sang a tune of “My body, my choice, the vaccine you won’t force!”, before Trump-inspired “No more bull****!”, chants broke out.

Since the onset of the pandemic, New York doubled as one of the hardest-hit states by Covid-19, and the most authoritarian when it comes to lockdown measures.

Under Cuomo, New York became the first state to announce that vaccine passports will be required in all places of business. Businesses that do not comply by October face hefty fines; New Yorkers who do not get the vaccine will be denied entry.

But, perhaps this policy won’t last long if New Yorkers continue to protest the unconstitutional mandates that violate individual freedom.