It has begun.

The forced segregation of America is underway in the Big Apple. Bill de Blasio’s “NYC Pass” has gone into effect, and people will now have to present a vaccination card if they want to go to a bar, gym, or restaurant.

It’s a disgusting display of medically-based authoritarianism, and it’s predicated on a vaccine that’s proving to be less and less effective with every passing day.

With this system in place, you can’t be a part of New York society without showing your papers. We’re literally living in a time reminiscent of Nazi Germany – and there aren’t enough people standing up and speaking out against it.

This is tyranny…bottom line.

And if you think it’s going to get better, you’re wrong. This is just the beginning of this madness.

It starts with restaurants and bars, and it ends with the unvaccinated not allowed to go into grocery stores or travel outside of their homes.

Yes, this sounds extreme – but this is how things play out.

The Nazi’s didn’t just wake up one day and say they were going to exterminate entire people groups.

It was a process that happened over years, not overnight.

And this is how it starts.

Kicking people out of establishments because they don’t have their “papers” is really happening in 21st Century America…and we have all the knowledge of what happened during Nazi Germany.

It either proves that human nature is inherently destructive and evil…or that we haven’t learned from history and are therefore doomed to repeat it.

Of course, here we are repeating it…

What does that say about our species?


“I said to myself, where are we living? In the United States of America where you’re innocent until proven guilty, or Nazi Germany with the Gestapo calling?” – Tommy Bond