The New York Times may have once been a great newspaper (and even saying that might be a bit of a stretch), but those days are long over.

They have made an editorial decision to brand President Trump and his supporters as racists and bigots, regardless of the proof to the contrary.

President Trump once called the press the “enemy of the people.” I was uncomfortable with the president’s use of the term at the time, but after their reporting depicting Trump as responsible for the El Paso shootings, I am beginning to reevaluate my position.

The New York Times has columns that are full of venom and dishonesty.

Columnists like the aptly-named Charles Blow espouse racist, anti-white hatred all the time. He is a black columnist that attacks white people simply for being white, but apparently, that isn’t racist by liberal standards.

Here is a short list of the titles of his last few columns: “America Made Liberty A Hypocrite”; “Trump Has Dragged Us Into The Gutter”; “This Is A Warning About The Two Sides Of White Nationalism”; “The Rot You Smell Is A Racist POTUS”; “Denying Racism Supports It”; “Trump’s Tweets Prove That He Is A Racist.”

You get the idea: he doesn’t like Trump and he doesn’t like white people. He does the very thing he accuses Trump supporters of doing: defending racism, only he is racist towards white people.

Blow apparently doesn’t need any proof to accuse a Caucasian of being racist.

I know this because he said so.

Here it is in his own words: “How is it that America insists on knowledge of the unknowable—what lurks in the heart—in order to assign the appellation? Why are so many Americans insisting that racism requires conscious, malicious intent in order for the title to be earned?”

Translation: Who needs evidence of racism when clearly you know that the person is racist by knowing what’s in their hearts.

Anyone Blow accuses of being racist is immediately a racist, no questions asked.

I could write a whole column on the hateful rhetoric that Blow spews towards white Republicans, but there is far more wrong with The New York Times than just Charles Blow.

Michelle Goldberg is another Trump/white Republican-hating Times columnist. Here is a sample of her past few columns: “With Trump As President, The World Is Spiraling Into Chaos”; “Trump Is A White Nationalist Who Inspires Terrorism”; “Defenders Of A Racist President Use Jews As Human Shields.”

And that is just the editorial side of the paper.

The New York Times won Pulitzer Prizes for its reporting on the Trump-Russia Conspiracy, but evidence shows that the so-called “collusion” never happened.

The paper has now decided to move on from the Trump-Russia story and to focus on Trump’s supposed racism and stoking of division.

In a leaked transcript of a staff meeting, The Times’ executive editor Dean Baquet said the following:

“Chapter 1 of the story of Donald Trump, not only for our newsroom but, frankly, for our readers, was: Did Donald Trump have untoward relationships with the Russians, and was there obstruction of justice?… I think that we’ve got to change. I mean, the vision for coverage for the next two years is what I talked about earlier: How do we do what these kinds of remarks? How do we cover the world’s reaction to him? How do we do that while continuing to cover policies? How do we cover America, that’s become so divided by Donald Trump?”

Here’s an idea: how about you actually report the facts instead of trying to insert a false narrative about the president and his supporters. That seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? I thought that they were supposed to be journalists.

The Times has been publishing a series of pieces about American history meant to emphasize the racist parts of American history at the expense of the many great things American has done.

President Trump called the paper out in a Tweet, stating, “Journalism has reached a new low in the history of our country. It is nothing more than an evil propaganda machine for the Democratic Party. The reporting is false, biased and evil that it has now become a very sick joke…but the public is aware!”

Indeed, the public is aware. Trump rose to the presidency while attacking the mainstream media’s bias when other Republican presidents held back from calling them out.

It does seem like The New York Times disdains anyone who voted for Trump.

They look more and more like the “enemy of the people” with every passing day.