Just when you think you’ve seen it all…just when you think the Left can’t get any more woke…they show you just how much further Left they can go.

I read something today that made me close my eyes and shake my head to rattle my brain a little to make sure I was actually reading the words before my eyes.

Of course, as soon as I did so and saw that the headline was correct, I smacked myself in the forehead in disbelief, reminding me how hard it is just to be a Conservative.

The headline?

“New York principal sends parents pamphlet asking them to rate their ‘whiteness’ and urging them to be ‘white traitors’ who ‘dismantle institutions’”


So, imagine you’re a White parent of a White child and you get a pamphlet sent home asking you to “rate your whiteness” so you can become a “white traitor.”

Would you simply shake your head and throw that pamphlet in the garbage?

Or would you stomp down to East Side Community High School, walk into Principal Federman’s office, and throw his pamphlet right in his smug stupid face while explaining how divisive and damaging this pamphlet is?

I can only answer what I would do…

And the latter option looks incredibly satisfying.

Here, take a look at the pamphlet and tell me what you think:

White Identities

Why is it divisive and damaging?

It’s divisive because it only talks about how to tear one race down, saying nothing about how to build another race up.

You don’t have to tear one down to lift another one…

In fact, it’s damaging to do so!

The Left’s MO is often pretty simple: they try to get rid of things to fix problems instead of adding anything new.

The same can be said for race relations. If they see that one race is down, instead of building that race up, they decide to bring all other races down to the same level.

That’s where we differ.

Conservatives realize there are disparities between the different races and that some are given certain advantages over the others, but our solution isn’t to break every race down to a low level; it’s to lift every race up to a higher level.

We Don’t Need To Take Things Away To Progress Forward

For example, I fully believe that the Opportunity Zones that Trump signed into law will go a long way to helping those in the inner city get a similar start as others that live in more privileged areas.

And that’s the key, right?

The solution shouldn’t be to take privilege away from anybody, but rather to give EVERYBODY the same privilege.

That’s not how the Left thinks, though. Their solution is to always take away…and that’s why we can’t let them win.

Society doesn’t move forward by taking things away. It moves forward by adding new things and letting the old things work their way out.

That’s obviously not how Mark Federman thinks.

He doesn’t want to add anything new to his curriculum that could make all races look at each other and the struggles that ALL colors go through…

He wants to make kids who were born White ashamed of who they are.

That’s not progress…

That regress.

And if you don’t know that that by now, then there’s nothing else I can teach you.


“Progress is not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” – Khalil Gibran