Aside from the absolute chaos that swept the news cycle over the past week, 2021 has been recognized by many as what will be the year of Republican women.

While the beginning of the new year has proven to be very dark and dim, we can at least celebrate the fact that 18 new Republican women were sworn into the 117th Congress, which began on January 3rd, 2021.

The 2020 election has broken the stereotype of politics being described as a “man’s world,” and defied the Left’s narrative that the GOP is made up of a bunch of “old white men.”

As of this year, neither are true any longer as many diverse Republican women won their races.

Here is a full list of Republican women who have been elected to serve their districts in the House of Representatives.

  • Young Kim (CA-39)
  • Michelle Steel (CA-48)
  • Lauren Boebert (CO-03)
  • Kat Cammack (FL-03)
  • Maria Elvira Salazar (FL-27)
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14)
  • Ashley Hinson (IA-01)
  • Marianette Miller-Meeks (IA-02)
  • Mary Miller (IL-15)
  • Victoria Spartz (IN-05)
  • Lisa McClain (MI-10)
  • Michelle Fischbach (MN-07)
  • Yvette Herrell (NM-02)
  • Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11)
  • Stephanie Bice (OK-05)
  • Nancy Mace (SC-01)
  • Diana Harshbarger (TN-01)
  • Beth Van Duyne (TX-24)

Although there is a deep level of uncertainty as to what is next for our country, we can be proud of the fact that more women will have the opportunity to make lasting change in our country regarding issues important to conservatives.

Despite the fact that Democrats will occupy the White House and make up the majority of the House and Senate, we must look at the bright side: we are effecting change by continuing to stay involved in the Democratic process, voting, and educating.