The Democrat Party of Nevada has taken a progressive turn for the worst, causing every single staffer to unexpectedly quit.

Last week’s sudden mass resignation came shortly after Judith Whitmer, a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter and member of the Democratic Socialists of America, won the chair position of the Nevada Democrat Party.

Whitmer won in an upset election on Saturday against Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom.

Executive Director of the Nevada Democrat Party Alana Mounce emailed Whitmer to congratulate her but also inform her that she was resigning, along with the rest of the party’s staff, The Intercept reported.

One of the former staffers told The Hill that Whitmer “said many times while running her campaign that it was her intention to clean house, to remove all the staff,” the person anonymously said.

So it comes as no surprise that the staff would quit before they were fired.

The staff page of the Nevada Democrat Party’s website is currently completely blank following the mass resignation.

Not only did a socialist win the highest position in the organization, but the Democratic Socialists of America took all five party leadership positions in the contested election.

It’s no longer a Democrat party. It is now a socialist party under Whitmer’s reign.

Perhaps the most interesting detail of this story is the fact that the newly-elected chairwoman was formerly the chair of the Clark County Democrat Party

Remember Clark County?

This hotly contested Nevada county was at the center of attention during the 2020 presidential election for its vast evidence of voter fraud.

If you’ll remember, the Nevada GOP sent a criminal referral to former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr citing at least 3,062 instances of voter fraud in the state’s general election. The primary source of fraud being dead voters, double voting, people who have moved out of state, and mass mail-in ballots.

There’s currently no evidence to suggest that the state’s party leadership election last week was rigged. However, it seems unusual that not only did the Clark County Chair, who was involved in some of the nation’s biggest accusations of election fraud, win the highest position in the state Democrat party, but all five positions were won by her allies.

Furthermore, the socialists were so unpopular with the state’s Democrats that the entire staff quit upon hearing the news.

Nevada Democrats should find this socialist victory deeply concerning whether it was legitimate or not. If it was a rightful win, Nevada has deeper political issues to be worried about if voters truly wanted socialists in power of the Democrat party. If it was not a rightful win, it should be troubling that socialists are rigging elections and gaining power in the Democrat party.

Either way, this troubling news should be cause for concern for anyone who is interested in discovering the root of how socialists are gaining power in America’s political system.