Instead of watching while Biden’s reckless anti-gun plans take root in America, Nebraska became the first state to take preventative action permanently protecting constituents’ right to bear arms.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) signed a proclamation on Wednesday reaffirming his state’s commitment to defending the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Ricketts shared a video on Twitter where he called the declaration a “symbol” of his support for explicit gun rights in Nebraska.

“Nebraska has always been a state that supports our Second Amendment rights,” the governor affirmed. “As a symbol of that support, today I am signing a proclamation to declare Nebraska a Second Amendment Sanctuary State and with my signature it will become official,” Ricketts said as he signed the documents.

The statewide announcement builds on the decisions of 33 counties in the Midwest state that had already declared sanctuary status for gun rights, according to a map from the Nebraska Firearms Owners Associations.

Kansas, Wyoming, Idaho, and Alaska, all of which are Republican strongholds, are the only other states where every single county has passed some sort of pro-Second Amendment resolution or sanctuary status.

Nebraska’s proclamation comes after Biden called the Second Amendment a “phony argument” against gun control last week when he revealed a series of executive actions that restrict gun rights.

The measures Biden directed federal agencies to take include directing the DOJ to propose a rule that would prevent people from obtaining “ghost gun” kits that allow people to build their own guns without a serial number, restrict stabilizing pistol braces that allow handguns to be fired one-handed, and come up with a plan to combat community violence.

The president also requested the Justice Department create guidance for states on “red flag” laws and issue a report on gun trafficking, and appointed gun control advocate David Chipman to the ATF.

And this is only the beginning for Biden given that we are still within just the first 90 days of his administration.

Now that Nebraska has recognized the threat America faces against their Second Amendment rights, it’s time for other states to do the same…before it’s too late.