“Diversity” and “inclusion” are trumping merit, and if you question this trend, you are labeled a racist and a white supremacist by the Left. But as great as “diversity” is, lowering standards for the sake of inclusion just makes everything worse.

Case in point: the National Collegiate Athletic Association

Lower academic standards are now permeating college athletics, setting the NCAA up for the same failure that inevitably follows wokeness.

An NCAA taskforce recently recommended that SAT and ACT minimum testing scores be dropped for eligibility.

ESPN Reported the following: “An NCAA task force recommended on Friday that incoming freshmen in Division I and II sports should no longer be required to meet minimum scores on standardized tests for initial eligibility.

The recommendation was made by the NCAA Standardized Test Score Task Force, which was formed as part of the NCAA’s eight-point plan to advance racial equity. The Division I Committee on Academics and Division II Academic Requirements Committee will consider the recommendation at their next scheduled meetings in February. Changes to initial-eligibility requirements would also have to be reviewed and made through each division’s legislative process.

‘This work reflects the NCAA’s commitment to continually reviewing our academic standards based on the best available data and other relevant information,’ task force chairman David Wilson, president at Morgan State, said in an NCAA release. ‘We are observing a national trend in NCAA member schools moving away from requiring standardized test scores for admissions purposes and this recommendation for athletics eligibility aligns directly with that movement.”

This latest decision to drop minimum testing requirement for athletic eligibility is in line with a July 2020 statement from the National Association of Basketball Coaches calling for the elimination of standardized test scores as necessary for collegiate athletes to compete in sports.

The college coaches wrote:

“The days of colleges requiring the SAT or ACT are passing rapidly: more than half of all four-year colleges and universities will not require these tests for admissions in 2021, and more are dropping the requirement every week,” the NABC said in a statement at the time. “These tests should no longer be required in the initial-eligibility standards. The tests are again being recognized as forces of institutional racism, which is consistent with their history, and they should be jettisoned for that reason alone; moreover, pragmatics also support this change.”

Let’s cut the BS, shall we?

The basketball coaches don’t care exclusively about “institutional racism.” They just want their star recruits who have low test scores to be able to play.

It is selfish on their part because they want to win basketball games.

Sadly, many African American students who are applying to colleges aren’t ready for prime time. That isn’t completely their fault. They are being forced to go to failing public schools and receive a poor education. However, that doesn’t mean they should be admitted to college if they don’t qualify—no one of any race should if they don’t meet university standards.

Walter Williams highlighted this issue when he wrote, “Ballou High School is in Washington, D.C. Five percent of its students test proficient in reading and 1% test proficient in math. In 2017, all 189 students in Ballou High School’s senior class applied to college. All 189 members of the graduating class of 2017 were accepted to universities. In November 2017, an investigation showed that half of Ballou’s 2017 graduates had more than three months of unexcused absences. One in five of the graduating class was absent more than present, therefore missing more than 90 days of school.”

“Merit” is now considered a racist trope and will no longer be tolerated by the woke mob.

Sadly, although wokesters represent the minority of public sentiment, they make the most noise and often get what they want.

Also, lowering standards only hurts the people they claim they are trying to help because eventually, they will realize that weak academic standards didn’t prepare them for the real world.

Or, as the old adage goes: “Be careful what you wish for.”