Remember what went on right after the January 6th Capitol Riot?

Of course you do.

The riot made international headlines, and for weeks, all anyone could talk about was the sight of angry Right-wing groups unwisely storming the Capitol building in the hopes of getting the TRUTH about the 2020 election.

But for as bad as the riot was, the worst part was the way the Left exaggerated it afterward, calling it “a coup, an insurrection, and a revolt” carried out by “traitors, terrorists, and extremists.”

If it didn’t boil your blood to see them use the events of January 6th as a way to gain political power, then you may be at the wrong website right now.

But for most of us on the Right, we know the truth: the people there that day were patriots seeking to do what was right and ensure that tyranny didn’t take hold in the United States.

Patriots…not traitors.

And even though the FBI has investigated the event and ruled that it WAS NOT a “preplanned insurrection,” the Left continues to label those that chose to go into the Capitol as traitors and criminals.

That’s what makes it so ironic when one of their own goes down for actual treason.

A blatantly Leftist Navy engineer and his wife were just arrested for trying to sell US nuclear submarine secrets to a foreign power…and the Left is remaining completely silent about it.

This shouldn’t surprise us…

The Left has ALWAYS accused the Right of doing the exact things that they’re guilty of doing themselves, and this is just another example of what happens when people think they’re morally superior to everyone else.

When you’re convinced you can do no wrong…odds are good you’re deluding yourself.

Selling Out America – For Real!

Naval nuclear engineer Jonathan Toebbe, along with his wife, Diana, are about to find out just how deluded they were.

The couple will be appearing in court in West Virginia to face charges of selling military secrets and classified information about nuclear submarines to an unidentified foreign country.

It’s interesting to note that BOTH of them are being arrested and accused because it shows that Diana Toebbe wasn’t just an innocent bystander in all of this. It wasn’t JUST her husband making undertaking this treasonous act.

It was both of them.

And their status as devoted Leftists makes the whole thing incredibly interesting.

Their social media pages are chock-full of Leftist rhetoric. Diana’s Facebook page supports “The Resistance” (which is truly weird, seeing as the Left is in control of everything), frequently praises Hillary Clinton, and has shared numerous posts about BLM and the importance of “stopping Donald Trump.”

And I guess now we know why they were so passionate about stopping him…they didn’t want him to stop them from getting rich by selling American secrets to foreign powers!

According to investigative findings, the Toebbe’s received separate payments of cryptocurrency totaling $100,000 for the information they were willing to give.

In an ironic twist (or is it apropos?), the couple used that same anti-Trump social media account to arrange for a babysitter so they could go to their last meeting to drop off the stolen intelligence.

Luckily, this was ALL a sting set up by the FBI.

FBI Gets One Right

The FBI alleges that, in April of 2020, Toebbe sent a package of Navy documents to a foreign government and wrote that he was interested in selling information on Virginia-class nuclear submarine reactors. However, said foreign government sat on the documents before turning them over to the US in December 2020, after the election.

Over the year that this sting took place, information and money changed hands multiple times, with Toebbe even asking at one point if the foreign government would be able to extract him and his family if he was ever tracked down, saying “we have passports and cash set aside for this purpose.”

But it all culminated in the last drop-off.

After finding a babysitter to watch their kids during their little espionage adventure, the Toebbe’s left their home in Annapolis, Maryland, and drove to West Virginia, totally unaware that they were under the watchful eye of America’s biggest law enforcement agency.

The agents tailing the couple witnessed Jonathan put a 32-gigabyte memory card hidden in a sealed Band-Aid wrapper in a container set up as a drop point by an undercover FBI agent, adding a note saying he was interested in selling this information on Virginia-class nuclear submarine reactions back when Donald Trump was still president.

However, this wasn’t the ONLY drop-off that the FBI witnessed. It was just the one that they arrested the couple at…

Prior to the Band-Aid wrapper, Jonathan hid encrypted memory cards in a peanut butter sandwich and a chewing gum packet at different drop-off locations.

The FBI did NOT reveal which country the Toebbe’s were accused of selling the nuclear secrets to, but court documents suggest that the country was most likely an ally or neutral government because it cooperated with the FBI during the entire operation.

If convicted, the couple could face life in prison.

How utterly perfect is it that the very people that accused Conservatives of being traitors are ACTUAL traitors themselves?

The irony is palpable!

But it’s par for the course, right?

Who knows what these people will willing to do for their financial gain?

Funny how the same people that rail against the rich do whatever they can to become rich themselves.

Of course, many don’t sell out their country to do so – they just become woke activists and actors.

The Toebbe’s had a different idea on how to become a part of the 1%…

They tried to sell out America…just like Joe Biden.


“Treason seldom dwells with courage.” – Walter Scott