Something that mainstream news outlets seem to have conveniently missed was the announcement that the National Guard has officially ended its months-long deployment in Washington D.C. last week.

Despite Democrats’ narrative that the troops were necessary to ward against attacks from “insurrectionist Trump supporters,” 2,149 National Guard troops were finally directed to return home on Sunday after the Department of Defense did not request another extension.

“The Capitol Police have not requested the Guard to stay past May 23,” Capt. Chelsi B. Johnson of the DC National Guard Public Affairs told WUSA 9.

“Once the mission concludes, D.C. National Guard will return to normal operations and the out-of-state Guard members will return to their home station,” she continued.

This concludes Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III’s previous request to keep the National Guardsmen defending the Capitol building until May 23.

About 5,200 troops were originally stationed in DC following the January 6 Capitol riots that ensued after news broke that former Vice President Mike Pence planned to certify the election for Joe Biden.

Democrats and Capitol Police requested the troops remain for several additional months, although those who remained waned to about half of those were originally deployed. Capitol officials also demanded a fence be erected around the Capitol to fend off future attacks—attacks that never actually happened.

Amid the aftermath of the events at Capitol in January, Democrats are attempting to pass legislation allowing them to investigate the riots, subpoena witnesses, and bolster Capitol security.

The January 6 Commission passed in the house last week with the support of 35 Republican congressmen. It now heads to the Senate for a vote which is expected to be met with strong opposition from GOP senators.

After former President Donald Trump expressed his disapproval of the commission, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed to oppose its passage along with other Republicans.

Although National Guard troops are withdrawn from DC, we are five months into a new presidency, and hundreds were arrested in connection with the riots, Democrats insist on establishing a commission that could ultimately lead to more infringements on our rights as Americans.

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