Last night, President Trump gave his fourth State of the Union Address in the House Gallery, and boy oh boy, was it tense. You could feel the awkwardness even through the television screen.

It was a State of the Union speech like no other, and for good reason: the president was addressing the very same body that impeached him.

The drama began before Trump uttered a word. The president—as is customary— handed copies of his speech to Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. After receiving her copy, Pelosi reached out her hand, expecting a handshake from the President.

Trump left her hanging.

He flat-out refused to shake her hand and his disgust with the Speaker was obvious.

The President has good cause to be upset with Pelosi. She is the woman who initiated the impeachment inquisition and has been trying to undermine his presidency at every opportunity. Since the day he took office, Pelosi has tried to stall Trump’s agenda. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that he refused to shake her hand, but Pelosi was quick to capitalize on the opportunity, using the photo-op to push her own agenda.

After the speech ended, she tweeted the following:

“Democrats will never stop extending the hand of friendship to get the job done #ForThePeople. We will work to find common ground where we can, but will stand our ground where we cannot.”

But despite her attempts to spin things in her favor early on, Pelosi and her fellow Dems had plenty of moments that made them look even worse than they already did.

Throughout the night, Trump celebrated America, while the Dems sat on their hands. Trump began his speech by highlighting the successes of the American economy under his leadership. The Trump economy has been good for minorities and women, something you would think the Democrats would applaud.

Nope. The Democrats refused to applaud or stand when Trump touted the economic successes achieved by minorities and women. I thought they were the party of diversity. Apparently diversity only matters when they are pandering to minorities to get their vote.

Trump said, “The unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Asian-Americans have reached the lowest levels in history. African-American youth unemployment has reached an all-time low. African-American poverty has declined to the lowest rate ever recorded.

The unemployment rate for women reached the lowest level in almost 70 years—and last year, women filled 72 percent of all new jobs added. The veterans’ unemployment rate dropped to a record low. The unemployment rate for disabled Americans has reached an all-time low. Workers without a high school diploma have achieved the lowest unemployment rate recorded in United States history. A record number of young Americans are now employed.”

The Democrats refused to applaud for any of these successes. The next time one of your Liberal friends tells you that President Trump is a racist and that the Democrats are the party that represents the minority community, show them the video of this State of the Union Address. It should take the wind out of their sails a little bit.

There were many touching moments throughout the night. Trump surprised the family of Sgt. First Class Townsend Williams, who has been deployed in the Middle East for months, by bringing Williams to the chamber; he honored Charles McGee, a 100-year old World War II veteran who is one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen, and also addressed McGee’s 13-year-old grandson who is currently hoping to enlist in the United States Space Force; he awarded a school-choice scholarship to a young African American girl from a single-parent family, enabling her family to select a better school for her; he bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh, who was recently diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer; and he acknowledged the brother of a man who was killed by an illegal alien, promising justice and immigration reform.

The Democrats remained seated for all of those people, even as Republicans gave standing ovations. It was a disgusting, partisan display by a party that puts its hatred for Trump over concern for their fellow Americans.

However, the ultimate act of disrespect was saved for the end. As Trump concluded his speech, Speaker Pelosi rose and promptly ripped up her copy of the speech, shedding it in front of the camera for all to see. She acted like a petulant child and showed her true colors in front of the entire nation.

Contrast this performance with the time when she recently snapped at a reporter for suggesting that she hates Trump. She responded by saying that she doesn’t hate anyone and that she prays for the president frequently. Somehow, after last night, I don’t think anyone really believes that anymore.

The look of pure rage on her face as she tore the speech apart says it all.

She didn’t look like someone who prays for the president. She clearly hates Trump. We all knew that, but what makes it so bad is her refusal to admit it. She was throwing a tantrum because her impeachment strategy has failed…miserably. Trump’s approval rating has soared since the impeachment inquisition began.

The fact that he was able to stand before the nation and give this address the night before the Senate will likely vote to acquit him of all charges must’ve pained Pelosi to no end.

Honestly, with the bump in approval ratings that Trump has gotten since impeachment started, he should have handed Pelosi a thank you card instead of the text of the speech.

Sure, she’d have ripped that up too, but maybe she’d realize something good came from her hard work after all.