Nancy Pelosi has a been millionaire for a LONG time.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. This is America, and people should have the right and opportunity to make as much money as they want.

However, Nancy’s finances have really ballooned over the past 12 years or so since her first run as Speaker of the House. That was when her personal net worth exploded from about $9 million to more than $120 million—and for anyone keeping score, that’s an unbelievable jump.

What’s even more amazing is that Nancy and her husband, Paul Pelosi, amassed most of the wealth during one of the nation’s most financially troubled times, the Great Recession of 2008.

Now, most people would look at her wealth bump and the time in which it happened and couple it to the fact that she was one of the most powerful people in DC. That should make most people raise an eyebrow because the timing and her position all seem a bit fishy.

However, since her husband is a financier, it could be overlooked—and it has been by those on the Left.

It’s funny how nobody questions the business dealings of a government official getting rich, but they frequently questioned Trump who LOST wealth by taking the POTUS position.

That, my friends, is a discussion for another day…

What’s important is that it seems like Nasty Nancy is getting richer as we speak – and once again, the timing of her investments makes one question just how deep her DC insider sources go.

Is Nancy Trading On Inside Information?

What’s worse is that Nancy doesn’t seem to care at all. She and her husband are on a spending spree in 2021 that is sure to net them even more wealth…

And they aren’t even hiding it.

Back in January, Nancy and Paul bought $1 million worth of Tesla stock, seemingly on a whim.

However, a few weeks later, Sleepy Joe Biden announced that he would be moving all government vehicles to electric. The shares Nancy and her husband bought for $640 shot up to a knee-wobbling $864, making for a cool $350,000 profit in a little over two weeks.

Not bad, right?

Unbelievable luck, right?

Well, maybe once is lucky—but doing it twice in a few months seems to be more than just “luck.”

In the middle of March, Paul and Nancy made another purchase, this time buying shares in Microsoft to the tune of about $10 million—and those shares have done nothing but go UP in value since their purchase.

Can Nancy Be THIS Lucky TWICE?!

This moved has netted the Pelosi’s about $100K in profits—but again, the timing of Pelosi’s purchase is a bit suspect. Shares have been soaring since the Pelosi’s made their purchase.

Why has the price gone up?

Well, first off, Microsoft acquired a new company—voice-to-text AI leader, Nuance—which sent shares moving north…

However, there’s a lot more to this story. Just TWO weeks after the Pelosi’s purchased their position, Microsoft secured a lucrative government contract worth nearly $22 billion!

Again, it’s like Nancy KNEW something big was going to happen for Bill Gates’ company – and she was right! Microsoft is going to be supplying US Army combat troops with augmented reality headsets.

Again, she made the purchase on March 19th, and the Microsoft deal was announced on March 31st

And this doesn’t raise any red flags for anybody?!

They put Martha Stewart behind BARS for doing this kind of business, and yet the Pelosi’s aren’t even hiding the fact that they’re making these questionable trades.

One can’t help but wonder…is Nancy trading stocks on inside information?

Or is this just one of the perks of being both the Speaker of the House AND a Democrat?

It’s hard to say…

But at the very least, somebody should look into it – because if this is what’s going on, she should be removed from her position immediately and perhaps investigated for breaking the law.

There’s no such thing as coincidence like this.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.


“Why are people who are appalled at insider trading so quick to trade on inside information when it comes their way?” – Jonathan Clements