Powerful Democrats act like there is nothing wrong when the extreme Left goes unhinged. Typical. Never mind that “protestors” have been trying to take control of Portland almost every night for two consecutive months, or that just last weekend ANTIFA tried to set the federal courthouse on fire. Nope, nothing to see there—at least according to New York Congressman and House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler.

On Sunday, three prominent influencers and journalists named Austen Fletcher, Maggie VandenBerghe, and Rogan O’Handley (known on social media as @Fleccas, @FogCityMidge, and @DC_Draino respectively) posted a video they took crossing paths with Nadler in Washington DC. They asked him about the chaos in Portland, which he dismissed as a “myth.”

Fleccas shared the video on Twitter captioned, “I ran into Jerry Nadler in DC and asked him to disavow the Antifa violence/rioting in Portland. His response? ‘THAT’S A MYTH’”

This is one of our leading elected officials, who makes crucial decisions for our country, dismissing massively destructive riots as a “myth.” So when his Leftist colleague Nancy Pelosi says Trump shouldn’t be sending in federal agents to Portland – she’s really talking about nothing because it’s all just a myth?

Someone please send help to America and rescue us from our crazy, delusional politicians.

The Portland Police tweeted an image early Monday morning showing the contents of a backpack they had just apprehended full of deadly weapons. They captioned the photo, “Tonight Portland Police were near Lownsdale Square Park. A person pointed out a bag to them. Inside the bag Police found loaded rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails”.

Four rifle magazines?! Whoever the bag belongs to likely wasn’t intending to use those on rioters. They probably planned to use them on police. That’s a terrifying thought.

That’s just one of hundreds of videos and photos showing the violence and chaos that again ravaged the streets of downtown Portland. For example, here is one from Sunday night where someone threw a Molotov cocktail at federal officers working to contain the situation.

Whether Nadler actually believes that it’s a myth or not is beside the point. He’s simply echoing CNN, which has previously said the existence of ANTIFA is a myth. By denying their existence, he is saying that the Portland situation is nothing that needs to be discussed, let alone handled. We should just allow our government institutions to be destroyed, police attacked, and city overrun by anarchists.

Meanwhile, Portland officials are banning city police departments from working with federal law enforcement officers. This is anti-American and we need a stronger federal response to quash this chaos.

Thankfully, Oregon’s top federal prosecutor, US Attorney Billy J. Williams, agrees. He told local news outlet The Oregonian that the city’s officials are just acting in “nonsensical, political theatre.” Williams strongly encouraged local residents to demand that “violent extremists” stop trying to take over the city. He warned, “Anyone who thinks we’re just going to give up the courthouse, Hatfield, Pioneer (Courthouse) or any other federal facility downtown, that’s not going to happen… We’re not leaving,” Williams told The Oregonian.

This is the first Oregon resident, and a powerful one at that, who has strongly spoken out against the anarchy, thus far. Perhaps the tides are turning and we will start to see a different tone on the attempted extremist takeover. For Portland’s sake, hopefully this happens sooner rather than later.