What the last few years in American history should prove more than anything is the danger of “mob rule.”

If the past decade has taught us anything, it should be that the Founding Fathers were absolutely brilliant for setting us up as a federated republic rather than a true democracy.

I would truly hate to see what it would be like if the “majority” ruled on some of the biggest issues in our recent political climate.

Can you imagine if MORE people hopped onto the Green New Deal?

Can you imagine if everybody complied with the unconstitutional lockdowns?

Can you imagine what would have happened if every American city embraced the “defund the police” movement?

What makes “mob rule” so scary isn’t what they’ve accomplished so far. It’s what’s next on their agenda that should truly frighten the American people.

Here’s the truth: once the mob accomplishes something, they feel entitled to keep the momentum going… except, because they usually don’t have the support of the “people” around them, they’ll resort to less-than-savory tactics to get the job done.

It’s a slippery slope that often leads to the fascistic behavior we’ve seen across history.

But after the indisputable mob victory that we saw in 2020, reality has kicked in for many of the people who jumped on those mob-led bandwagons. For these few, they’re learning first hand why it’s important for America to be a republic…but the damage may have already been done.

When The Mob Rules – Bad Things Happen

Muriel Bowser, the Democrat mayor of Washington DC, was once caught in the clutches of the mob, embracing the entire “defund the police” rhetoric that was infecting America during 2020.

It was so much a part of DC that, when a BLM mural was painted, “defund the police” was boldly added to it as well.

Bowser seemed to have no problem with it back then, even saying, “We certainly are very proud of the D.C. mural that we commissioned in our department of public works and local artists installed. It is an affirmative piece of art, a centering piece of art where people from around the globe have called us and thanked us for acknowledging black humanity and black lives in the most important city in the world, and we are very proud of that art.”

Just ignore the big “defund the police” part, right, Muriel?

Well, as we mentioned earlier, reality is hitting home these days—especially in cities like Chicago, DC, and Milwaukee, where crime and murder have surged due to the anti-police rhetoric that had gripped the nation.

Luckily for the people of DC, Bowser is putting her politics aside and doing what’s RIGHT for the citizens of her city…for once. She has just announced a plan to add 170 police officers to the city’s force amid the rising violent crime plaguing the city.

Bowser has requested an additional $11 million in funding from the City Council to pay for the hiring and training of 20 additional officers for 2021 financial year and an additional 150 officers for 2022.

This is still a big step down from where the city USED to be, though.

It may sound like an improvement from right now—and it is—but the DCPD used to hire 250 new officers every year. Last year, the DC City Council chose to defund the department by $15 million, so the city is STILL going to be a law enforcement deficit even with the new hires.

However, at least Bowser is trying to right the ship. The same can’t be said for a lot of the other crime-ridden cities around the US.

The only thing we know for sure is that doing nothing won’t change things… so let’s hope that the momentum this move gains will help start a new trend for America’s law enforcement comeback.


“All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.” – Winston Churchill