Is there anything more delusional than an angry Liberal?

In my experience, they’re the most unhinged individuals to ever walk the planet.

Seriously, try having a normal conversation with them and they will simply scream at you or yell their Leftist mantras at you non-stop.

It’s very annoying…

But it’s what happens when weak people feel entitled to having their every complaint listened to and remedied.

However, as some experts have said, a lot of this has to do with the fact that Liberals and Conservatives operate on separate sets of facts.

For example, Liberals live under the notion that former President Donald Trump was both an authoritarian and a fascist that existed only to make his Russian overlords happy…

Whereas Conservatives are under the notion that Trump was the only president to stand up to the globalists, occupying the White House only to make America great.

Two very different sets of facts…

Two very different mindsets.

Labels, Like All Words, Matter

If you’ve been paying attention to Leftist rhetoric, you’ve heard Conservatives compared to Hitler, Nazis, fascists, and colonists at one time or another.

This is very important because the language they’ve been using has set the stage to paint the ENTIRE political ideology as racist, even though race isn’t even a factor when it comes to the choice of being a “Conservative.”

At its core, conservatism is about preserving freedom, not propagating oppression.

But the Left’s labeling has painted the entire Right as such—even people of color that identify themselves as Conservatives.

But there’s another label they’ve been throwing around since the attack on the Capitol on the 6th of January: “terrorist.”

The Left is now labeling ANYONE on the Right—especially those that backed Trump and his claims of a fraudulent election—as literal terrorists…and it’s even more dangerous than the other false labels they’ve used before.

If they can label you a terrorist, then you’re now seen as an enemy of the United States, and any action they take towards you will be justified…regardless of whether you’re guilty of anything or not.

Right now, they’re justifying banning Conservatives from online platforms because of the label, but it won’t be long until they take the next step by taking violent actions against you.

For example, recently, MSNBC analyst and former FBI specialist Clint Watts tried to claim that a drone attack against former President Trump would actually be justified.

The Justification Of Violence


During an episode of Deadline, host Nicolle Wallace asked Watts, “How do you deal with a domestic terror threat without dealing with those inciting it and spreading it?”

Watts’ response was as twisted and wrong as it was terrifying, as he said, “Nicolle, you can’t. You’ll always be on your heels, always be reactive. We had a period after 9/11 where we were trying to get left of a boom as they would say as they would say in counter-terrorism. Which is can you get way up the stream of attack and root out the confluences that bring about that attack? If you took what President Trump said and instead put it in Anwar al-Awlaki’s mouth, we would be talking about a drone strike overseas. That’s one aspect with our political leaders talking about this rhetoric.”


By tying Trump to al-Awlaki, Watts is giving Americans the impression that Trump is an evil dictator that only wants to see the downfall of America…and the thing is, MSNBC’s viewership will believe it.

This is dangerous, and it’s what every Conservative is up against these days.

If you think it’s not going to get worse from here, you’re doing yourself a grave disservice, and you may find yourself unprepared for when it all goes bad.

Pay attention to the words being used around you and you will see the pattern emerge.

Liberals may not have the same values as Nazis, but they’re using a lot of their tricks.

Stay vigilant, folks…


“Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.” ― John F. Kennedy