If there was any doubt that one of the biggest reasons the Covid-19 vaccines are being forced on Americans was profit for Big Pharma, the fact that the founders of prominent vaccine manufacturer Moderna, plus one investor, have made Forbes wealthiest people list should put any remaining uncertainty to rest.

Moderna cofounders Noubar Afeyan and Robert Langer were added to the 2021 Forbes 400 list of “richest people in America.” Washington Examiner noted that a Moderna investor, Timothy Springer, was also placed on the list of wealthiest Americans.

Springer ranked higher than the vaccine manufacturing company’s cofounders, placing at 176, while Afeyan and Langer reached 212 and 222, respectively.

All three of their net worths range between $5 billion and $6 billion.

Commenting on their recently updated list, Forbes wrote, “The 400 wealthiest Americans saw their collective fortune increase 40% over the last year, to $4.5 trillion. Nearly all are richer than they were a year ago,” including 44 new names.

Up significantly from a year ago, the Forbes entry net worth is now $2.9 billion, $800 million more than required to get on the prestigious list in 2019.

Forbes’ new list confirms what we suspected all along: pandemic lockdowns made the rich richer and the poor poorer. It’s no wonder why wealthy public officials wanted to keep them going.

But, now that most restrictions have been lifted, the new public policy cash cow for pharmaceutical companies is vaccine mandates.

Shortly after releasing its vaccine for national distribution, Moderna swung $1.7 billion in sales of its Covid-19 vaccine in the first quarter of 2021 alone, marking $1.2 billion in earnings, according to MarketWatch. Compared to the same quarter in 2019, at the early onset of the pandemic before vaccines were needed, Moderna recorded a loss of $124 million.

In the second quarter ending June 30, Moderna grossed $2.78 billion. The third quarter is expected to show an even higher profit margin for the vaccine manufacturer.

Not only did regular Americans became financially less prosperous amid the government-forced lockdowns last year, but they also became less free amid the government’s tyrannical vaccine mandates. Meanwhile, founders and investors at Moderna are making billions and the government is rapidly gaining power.