Over the weekend, Major League Baseball announced that they would bend the knee to the mob and move this summer’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta after buying the mob’s lie that the Georgia voting integrity law is Jim Crow 2.0.

MLB management is clearly buying this line of cow manure without reading the bill themselves. If they did, they would realize that, if anything, the bill expands voting rights by allowing for extra days to vote early. Georgia simply wants to make sure that absentee ballots are obtained using a form of ID—something that ticket holders would have to do if they picked up tickets at will call for the All-Star game.

Outrageous! Voter ID is clearly racist.

If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the subjective truth in society and that is what is happening with the lie being propagated by the Left about the Georgia voting law.

If you have a liberal friend that claims that the Georgia voting law is racist, ask them this question: Who is being denied the right to vote?

They won’t have an answer for you because no one is being denied the right to vote. The Georgia legislature is just trying to make sure that illegal votes aren’t being cast by limiting the chances for fraud to occur.

This isn’t about supposed voter “suppression,” this is about the Democrats wanting to exploit the voting system like they did in 2020 to help their candidates win.

Why do you think Democrat lawyers brought all those lawsuits to ensure that the rules were changed mid-game to allow for expanded mail-in voting and to ensure that ballots could be accepted days after election day?

It wasn’t to keep the vote from being suppressed. It was to stack the deck in their favor.

And now corporations like Delta, Coke, American Airlines, and Major League Baseball are the Left’s useful idiots. They are too cowardly to take a stand for what is right and instead wilt under pressure from the mob like a flower in heat. They do the Left’s bidding out of fear of being stoned and boycotted by the mob.

The truth is that boycotts generally don’t amount to much of anything, so not only are Major League Baseball and these other corporations acting like cowards, it’s a useless exercise to condemn the Georgia voter law.

I long for the day when I could watch a baseball game while sipping a Coke while flying on a Delta plane…those were the days.

Leftist politics has infused every aspect of our lives, from where we eat, to what team or athlete we cheer for, and even what airline we fly to escape to our vacation spot of choice.

It is nauseating to listen to black athletes who make millions of dollars playing a sport complain about systemic injustice in the United States.

If America is a racist country, then we are bad at being racist.

These athletes, like LeBron James, never criticize China where they don’t have elections and literally have modern day concentration camps, but they don’t miss a beat when it comes to condemning a country that has made it possible for them to achieve their dreams.

So, go ahead MLB, by all means take your All-Star Game out of Georgia, and your politics along with it. That sound you heard was the sound of TV sets everywhere turning off when baseball comes on their screens.

MLB should ask themselves: Was it worth it?