Well, as it turns out, most minorities aren’t taking the Democrats’ bait and falling for the lie that requiring photo ID to vote is somehow “racist.”

The only thing that’s “racist” is lowering the election integrity standard because of the Left’s assumption that a certain race—Black people, in this case—aren’t smart enough or don’t know how to obtain a photo ID like everyone else.

Thankfully, Black Americans and other minorities alike seem to be ignoring the Left’s race-baiting propaganda.

A survey from Monmouth University published on Monday indicates that 84 percent of minority respondents said they support “requiring voters to show a photo I.D. in order to vote.” The poll was conducted by phone from a six-day span from June 9 to June 14 among 810 U.S. adults.

Meanwhile, White non-Hispanic respondents were more likely to oppose requiring photo ID in order to cast a ballot, with just 77 percent indicating they support it.

Overall, minorities favored strict identification requirements by a seven percent margin over Whites.

If you listened to the media, they would have you think that the Democrat Party is the party of racial justice, Black Lives Matter, and every other racial movement. But, oddly enough, the Left’s race narrative seems to be resonating more with Whites than any other group.

While conservatives spend most of their time slamming the Left’s attempts to control minorities, perhaps they are missing the mark here.

Although Democrat tactics and targeting of minorities are certainly deserving of criticism, their race narratives may have been intentionally pointed toward Whites all along.

They are successfully fostering a victimhood culture, not only among minorities but among non-minorities, many of whom seem to have some version of “white guilt.”

A perfect example of this would be last summer amid the George Floyd riots where, on several occasions across the country, crowds of White people would kneel and ask for forgiveness from Blacks for their “racist past.”

Even Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy made many controversial statements suggesting White people show their “sense of shame” for their race, and even shine Black people’s shoes.

When remembering instances like these, it’s easy to see how many White people may have been bullied by the Left into believing that requiring photo IDs is racist because Blacks don’t have access to them like Whites do.

The notion that minorities are not smart enough to figure out how to get a photo ID is ridiculous, but unfortunately, it’s working on White people. And if Democrats can inch closer to gaining support from the racial voting majority, then they get closer to securing future elections in their favor.