Here’s an absolute truth…

If someone you know thinks that Marxism is a rational political ideology, do yourself a favor and distance yourself from that person—because they’re absolutely crazy if they think that Karl Marx’s step-by-step process into communism is rational.

Marxism isn’t rational…

It’s extreme.

Sure, it can be discussed rationally…

But the fact of the matter is that, if you actually buy into the tenets of Marxism, you’ve been radicalized.

Some may say that view is a bit extreme, but there has yet to be a communist movement that didn’t come at the expense of millions of lives—and the fact that America suffers Marxist in the 21st Century goes to show you that people will categorically ignore history if it promises them an easier life.

Most Marxists see electing Democrats as a way to get their foot in the door. Dems are easily pressured into moving their views Leftward, and it doesn’t take long until these politicians are spouting socialistic narratives.

Democrats Are The Bridge To Marxism

Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith Ellison is one of these people, and since the death of George Floyd, he’s been pushing the Leftist narrative that “all cops are bad” instead of doing the job he was hired to do.

But Ellison has been doing something different lately…

He’s changed the narrative on the “defund the police” movement in order to spin it into something that’s a bit more palatable for all parties.


Well, Ellison is now advocating for a “refund the community” approach instead of the current “defund the police” or “abolish the police” narrative that BLM and other liberal movements have been pushing.

But thanks to the Minneapolis City Council, those liberal groups have already gotten what they wanted.

The City Council abolished the police department in order to create the Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention—which may be the most flowery name for “police department” that the world has ever heard.

When Ellison was asked by Representative Karen Bass, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus on Racial Injustice Movement and Police Reforms, about whether he agrees with this move, the AG said, “I think instead of hearing ‘defund the police,’ I recommend people hear ‘refund the community.’ So if you look at the Minneapolis Police Department, their budget is about $193 million. What’s our budget for crisis response purposes for people who are in a mental health crisis? We know that about half of the deadly force encounters in Minnesota are people who are in a mental health crisis.”

So his solution? Simply DISARMING the police.

Ellison continued, “If you refund the community, would you need as much in the way of armed paramilitary response to the calls people make? Do we really need an armed paramilitary response to a fake $20 bill?”

This last bit was in response to the George Floyd killing—which was FAR from a paramilitary response…

But it’s clear he’s trying to FALSELY tie what happened to Floyd to the authoritarian militarization of our police force.

DISARM The Police, Said No Sane Man ANYWHERE

“We need to re-conceive of how we do policing, you know, in England the cops don’t carry guns,” Ellison said. “In other countries as well. Why do every single one of our officers carry guns? And some of them are military-style weapons and shotguns.”

Yes, Keith…

Because there are evil men out there who are willing to do evil things for personal gain, and we need equally rough men who are equally armed and ready to dispense justice in order to ensure the safety of all.

Ellison should spend a week with the police doing ride-alongs, seeing what it’s like to be out there on the front line before questioning what firearms our police should be equipped with.

Not that he cares…

Ellison basically wants to get rid of the police altogether, as he concluded, “The fact is, we do have to have a system of public safety, call it what you want. Get rid of the word ‘police’, I don’t care. But at the end of the day, you know, we’ve got people shooting at each other, we’ve got people who are victims of crime, violence, and we need a system to address that.”

“Get rid of the word ‘police’.”

You can’t make this up, folks…

Just when you think the Left can’t get any more extreme, they go and do something like this.

Do you see why we can’t let them win in November?


“There is not Communism or Marxism, but representative democracy and social justice in a well-planned economy.” – Fidel Castro