It seems like an antiquated term these days. In our divided society, we’ve somehow lost sight of what this word actually means.

There almost doesn’t seem to be any REAL justice anymore.

The court of public opinion supersedes anything that happens in an actual courtroom.

Thanks to the rise of social media and 24-hour news programming, social justice has taken precedence over trial justice, and the new court passes its verdict within hours of an event taking place.

The problem with that is that the court of public opinion is rarely based in fact. It’s based on rumor and hearsay, which most often is in direct opposition to the actual evidence of the supposed crime.

How many of these police shootings been blown out of proportion over the last few years?

More often than not, we’ve got actual criminals who are doing things (either out of fear or hostility) in ways that put officers in danger.

But whenever the situation turns deadly, the police are the ones getting blamed instead of the criminals.

Facts MATTER! Evidence MATTERS!

Now, this doesn’t excuse every shooting, because sometimes it is the cops that react incorrectly out of fear (and unfortunately sometimes hostility)…

But there would be a lot fewer problems if people simply stopped filming with their phones and started complying with officers. Non-compliance often leads to a physical interaction between suspect and officer, regardless of who’s at fault for initiating the encounter.

However, in the new court of public opinion, the facts of the case no longer matter.

The public decrees who is innocent and who is guilty, and no additional evidence will sway that ruling.

Pushed on by the narratives of the Liberal mainstream media, nobody wants to wait for the investigation or facts.

If you’re “guilty” in the eyes of the mob, then you’re guilty regardless of what the evidence shows. Anything other than a guilty verdict will end in protest, chaos, and rioting.

We’ve seen it happen over and over again…

And the city of Minneapolis has come to know it all too well in the last year. Right now, the businesses and homes in the city’s downtown area are preparing for the worst as the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former officer accused of murdering George Floyd last year, nears its end. The prosecution’s evidence in the Chauvin case didn’t really conclude that officer was actually responsible for George Floyd’s death, and at this point, a guilty verdict may be out of reach.

However, even if Chauvin IS found guilty, there are many who still plan on protesting in the city, and it has the entire city on edge.

In preparation for this unrest, Minneapolis has enacted Operation Safety Net, which has seen 3,000 National Guard and 1,100 public safety officers brought in to help if things get out of hand.

But there are some that feel that kind of preparation is excessive and unnecessary.

Preparing For The Worst

However, those that are calling the Guard’s presence unnecessary seem to have a very short memory…

Just last year, many businesses and homes were burning after the riots that broke out following the release of the George Floyd arrest videos.

Are they that deluded to think that this same level of rioting—if not on a larger and more destructive scale—won’t happen again?

People have already called for it!

Not just BLM activists either…

We have actual elected officials calling for people to “stay in the streets” if a guilty verdict doesn’t come in.

Minneapolis was on fire over the summer, and those that don’t think it will burn again are only lying to themselves. There’s already evidence (there’s that word again) that things are escalating. Two members of the National Guard stationed in the Twin Cities were injured in a drive-by shooting over the weekend.

Does that sound like a populace looking for peace?

No, it doesn’t…

And all of America should be praying for the city right now, hoping for the best and that the presence of the National Guard will keep people from really getting out of hand.

Our politicians should be in the area asking for peace…

But they’re nowhere to be found.

The Liberals are too scared to show up, and nobody will listen to the Conservatives.

We could be using this event to galvanize the country—but I fear that no matter which way the jury leans, we’ll see nothing but more division.

God bless Minneapolis and all whose lives could soon be affected.

May you have peace instead of violence…

Order instead of chaos…

And love instead of hate.


“Equal justice under law is not merely a caption on the facade of the Supreme Court building, it is perhaps the most inspiring ideal of our society. It is one of the ends for which our entire legal system exists…it is fundamental that justice should be the same, in substance and availability, without regard to economic status.” – Lewis F. Powell, Jr.