You may be wondering where a Millennial like myself finds deep respect for a piece of paper most people my age don’t seem to know even exists, let alone have ever read…

And you’ll probably be surprised by the answer.

While the internet never changed my original feelings for the Constitution, it sure “woke” me up in other ways. Countless hours of government conspiracy and alien abduction videos on YouTube made a convincing case for a wilder world than I’d been taught. I’ll never forget a video called “Zeitgeists,” where the existence of corruption in modern politics and the fact that international business is a bi-partisan agreement was explained to me.

The military, medical, and media industrial complexes all have problems that everyone acknowledges. “Zeitgeists” framed what’s going wrong in the world perfectly to make socialism look like the missing puzzle piece and capitalism seem inherently corrupt.

Being young comes with a type of naive optimism that makes socialism so attractive to millennials. You’d like to think that people will automatically do good things when everything is handed to them freely. Many of my centrist, conservative values took a backseat in favor of more compassionate ideas.

I started seeing the world as a place run by a secret corporatocracy that operated behind the curtain of capitalism. These corporatists were holding back the rest of the world for their own gain. I wanted to believe that the ideas of socialism or Marxism could be a solution.

However, forcing people to surrender over their wealth to the government for the re-distribution of free stuff is not an answer to today’s corruption crisis—it’s a PART of the crisis. Luckily, some Ron Paul videos combined with my gut instincts never let me fall too far down the rabbit hole into Bernie Sanders’ wonderland.

As I grew through my twenties, I began to see things for what they were.

I spent 10 years as a professional MMA fighter along with working other jobs. Experience brings wisdom. I’ve seen people win world titles and go on to make the world a better place for everyone. Other people I’ve known have done horrible things to others or themselves. Sometimes, the same person who does amazing things turns around and does something awful. Seeing this with my own eyes taught me a valuable life lesson; any human is capable of great good or great evil.

Many of the Far-Left socialist ideas are based on the premise that humans are inherently good and will do the right thing by nature if all their basic needs are met. The ideas of the Far-Right believe that only certain humans are worthy of the freedoms granted to them. History shows that societies who have run too far to the Right or Left end up at the same place: a totalitarian state with too much centralized power. Mankind sits at the center of good and evil, and it’s for this reason I believe we should govern society accordingly.

Government shouldn’t be too powerful, but it also shouldn’t be too weak either. Humans left unchecked will do terrible things to each other. Humans who try to keep one another in check too much will destroy themselves. The ideas of the Founders have solved this problem better than any other system in history, if only we abided by these principles correctly.

When the “woke” nation of my generation talks about destroying the U.S. Constitution because it was written by slave-owning white men, it really bugs me. Today, any rational person agrees that slavery is evil. That wasn’t the status quo 230 years ago. Nearly the entire world was involved in things that we wouldn’t approve of today, slavery being one of them. Human history, before the US Constitution, mostly lacked human rights. A common misconception is that slaves were kidnapped from Africa by white Europeans. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. There was already a booming population of slaves who had been captured by neighboring African kings.

Throughout human history, all cultures and races of people have committed atrocities. All humans, regardless of race, are equally capable of good or evil. To say that one race of people is worse than the other is to say that we’re not all equal, which itself is a supremacist idea. People on the “woke” Left would say the ideas we follow from the Constitution are written by white supremacists who actually owned slaves, therefore the document is self-contradictory and invalid.

But we’ll get into that in the next and last installment…