Many of my fellow Millennials don’t believe the US Constitution is valid due to the fact that some of the Founding Fathers were slave-owners…

Of course, that’s just trying to apply 21st Century values to the people that lived two-and-a-half centuries ago.

Those same people also didn’t bathe daily or eat three square meals a day too – but nobody really mentions that…

Obviously standards have changed.

But I digress.

The ideas responsible for the creation of America were beautiful no matter who they came from. If a group of slaves rebelling against their masters wrote the Constitution, it would still be just as valuable. If the First Amendment was written by the Aztecs right after they finished sacrificing 80,000 people to celebrate a new temple, it still wouldn’t change these universal truths.

The fact that the concepts spelled out in the Constitution even found a way to paper during such dark times should be looked at as a miracle. The founding documents are so revolutionary that they actually contained the ideas which led to the inevitable demise of slavery, along with other corrupt practices the Founders were involved in.

America’s new Constitution stood as a shining beacon to the world for individual rights and freedoms.

Far From Perfect, But Closer Than ANYBODY

Although the practice of these principles was and still is nowhere near perfect, it planted the seeds for modern human rights. If you really study human history, the majority of it is filled with suffering. It’s because of the principles within the Constitution that we have been able to rise above this suffering and enjoy things like personal sovereignty, property rights, free speech, the right to a fair trial, limited power in the people’s hands… just a few things I love about this document.

Allowing humans to have true freedom—as long as they don’t infringe on others—has allowed us to thrive not only as a nation but as a culture.

Around the world, countries who protect the rights of the individual over everything with similar constitutions to ours have done significantly better than countries that don’t.

China seems to be the lone frontrunner of non-capitalist countries that are actually doing well economically. However, while many people visit, I’ve never heard of a single person planning on moving to mainland China… not one. It might have something to do with their stance on human rights. The principles and universal truths contained in America’s founding documents are part of a worldwide enlightenment…

And being enlightened is what separates us from animals in the wild.

An Enlightened Millennial Takes A Stand

Growing up as a Millennial has definitely been interesting…

After swinging from Left to Right, I find myself stuck in the middle. The Democrats have run so far to the Left that it’s pulled many on the Right closer to the middle as well. Republicans now seem saner and more logical than Democrats, even to Left-leaning Millennials like me. I try to empathize with both sides of the political spectrum, usually finding a nice island of truth somewhere in the center.

My political views are affected by what I see in everyday life. If I look at a picture too closely, I can’t see the entirety of it. If it’s too far away, I can’t make out what the picture is either. The perfect image is somewhere in the middle. My perfect America is a middle ground between too much or too little government.

If you don’t drink enough water, you’ll dehydrate; too much water and you’ll drown.

In my perfect world, our government would focus on protecting human rights for all citizens, the security of our own border, and allowing free markets to thrive within constitutional boundaries. Instead, government officials on both sides line their own pockets in backroom deals.

They play on the emotions of people to pass un-]constitutional laws for their own benefit. There’s a deep swamp and the water is pure corruption. At the end of the day, there’s a world the way I want it to be, and the world the way it is…

And I have to live in the world the way it is.

Do you choose to focus on the brutal atrocities of America’s past? Do you see the United States as an evil, white supremacist empire? Or do you choose to focus on the miracle of human rights emerging out of such a harsh world?

We’re a part of the first world power in human history founded on the principle that all people are created equally.

That’s the glass I drink from, one that’s always half full. I’m very grateful to be an American and a Millennial sitting happily in the middle.