If you thought committing mass voter fraud was bad, what’s even worse is that the Left has now deemed it acceptable to threaten GOP officials for daring to uphold a semblance of election integrity.

Once again, they’re proving that they will stop at nothing to gain power.

Following the decision by the two GOP members of Wayne County, Michigan’s election board to not certify the results of the election, the Democrats wasted no time in “persuading” them to change their decision.

Monica Palmer and William C. Hartmann were immediately hit with vile threats from the Left, targeting them and their families.

After Leftists “berated” Palmer and Hartmann by accusing them of “racism” and doxing their young children, the GOP officials rescinded their decision on Tuesday night out of fear for their safety and voted to certify the results.

However, Wednesday morning, they announced they were sticking with their original refusal to certify their county’s results due to voting discrepancies that remain unresolved.

Justifying their change of heart, Palmer and Hartmann signed affidavits under penalty of perjury that they voted to certify the results only because of immense pressure from the Left’s threats against them. Their votes were officially rescinded on Wednesday night.

Hartmann wrote he believes the election results should not be certified until allegations of voter fraud are sorted out.

“I voted not to certify, and I still believe this vote should not be certified. Until these questions are addressed, I remain opposed to certification of the Wayne County results,” he wrote.

Thankfully, these officials decided to go through what is fair and just by waiting to certify until certain questions are addressed.

However, it’s unfortunate that it took a level of legal protection and signed affidavits to ward off the Left from attempting to intimidate Palmer and Hartmann.

We’ve known for years that the Left has become increasingly un-American with their stunts, like kneeling during the National Anthem, say things like “America was never great,” and many other examples.

But their recent actions regarding the election have proven that they are completely anti-American in my opinion.

Many on the far Left have such disrespect for our country’s free elections that it’s difficult to consider them anything more than that.

What kind of person, other than someone who hates this country, would try to overthrow honest election results and threaten the families of anyone who questions them?

It blows my mind to think that this is where we are as the freest country in the world, but thankfully an inkling of patriotism still exists among some GOP officials.