This piece is an update to an article I wrote this week about the FBI setup of former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn. At the time I wrote the article, the documents given to Flynn’s attorney had been sealed. They aren’t anymore…and the story they tell is absolutely shocking.

Yesterday, the notes by an FBI official involved with the entrapment of General Flynn were released to the public, and as expected, they show the dirty tactics used against Team Trump by the FBI under James Comey and Andrew McCabe.

The Conspiracy Against Michael Flynn

Breitbart reported, “According to handwritten notes before a planned FBI interaction with Flynn, an unidentified FBI agent wrote: ‘What’s our goal? Truth/admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?’

The notes showed there was debate that getting Flynn to admit to alleged wrongdoing by showing him evidence was ‘going easy,’ versus prosecuting him or getting him fired.

‘We regularly show subjects evidence, with the goal of getting them to admit their wrongdoing. I don’t see how getting someone to admit their wrongdoing is going easy on them,’ the agent added.

‘If we get him to admit to breaking the Logan Act, give facts to DOJ + have them decide,” the agent wrote. ‘Or if he initially lies, then we present him [redacted] + he admits it, document for DOJ, + let them decide how to address it.’

‘If we’re seen as playing games, WH will be furious,’ the agent added. “Protect our institution by not playing games.’ WH is likely “White House.’

The author of handwritten notes is likely Bill Priestap, then head of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, according to some reports.”

Flynn was eventually brought up on fraudulent charges created by henchman of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller. New revelations are bringing this dark episode to light. The Justice Department has shared information with Flynn’s lawyers that allegedly prove the misconduct of prosecutors who worked for former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team. This evidence is said to point to an effort by Mueller’s people to induce a guilty plea from Flynn by using his son as bait. The fact that these investigators would use a man’s son to leverage a confession is sickening, and it speaks to massive issues within the Justice Department.

Michael Flynn opted to protect his son from the charges with which he was threatened, giving Mueller’s henchman what they wanted and pleading guilty to making false statements.

A Complete Abuse Of Power

Andrew McCarthy laid out this apparent usurpation of justice for the National Review. McCarthy wrote, “As I’ve noted several times over the years, it has long been speculated that Flynn — though he did not believe he was guilty (and though the agents who interviewed him also did not believe he had intentionally misled them) — nevertheless pled guilty to false-statements charges because prosecutors from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s staff threatened him. Specifically, Flynn is said to have been warned that, if he refused to plead guilty, prosecutors would charge his son with a felony for failing to register with the Justice Department as a foreign agent. Such a so-called FARA violation (Foreign Agent Registration Act) is a crime that the DOJ almost never charged before the Mueller investigation, and it had dubious application to Flynn’s son (who worked for Flynn’s private-intelligence firm)…

Under federal law, all understandings that are relevant to a guilty plea must be disclosed to the judge. It would be not merely a serious ethical breach for government lawyers to fail to reveal such an arrangement. It would be a fraud on the court…

Republics rot from within when those tasked with enforcing the law take the law into their own hands and pervert it for their own selfish vendettas. To borrow from the motto of the Washington Post: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

In light of all this evidence, it seems as if that death may already be occurring around us as we speak, and Michael Flynn suffered greatly as a result.