The Left’s attempts to take down the former President were numerous and full of malice

However, none of their attempts—not ONE—was successful.

This is an important point, because it goes to show just how righteous President Trump truly was. He was investigated on EVERY level, and yet the ONLY things they could bring against him were fabricated impeachment charges and baseless, partisan attacks.

It’s why the voting was MOSTLY down party lines and didn’t happen until the Democrats took the majority in the House of Representatives.

Trump is the most investigated President in American history, and the fact that not ONE of those investigations turned up anything seems to be lost on the American public—but its’ an important aspect of the Trump presidential saga nonetheless.

They came at him from all angles. Worse, they went after those that worked for him and under him (many of them innocent people, like Trump himself) and ruined their lives simply to try and hurt the President.

One of those innocent victims was former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn, who wound up losing everything to unfounded attacks from the Left.

False Accusations Taken As FACT

However, nothing really felt right with this from the beginning. It was obvious to the American people, but it was equally apparent to the people who were investigating Flynn as well.

The FBI at the time was infested with anti-Trump agents that cared little for justice and a lot about getting the business magnate out of office.

We saw the texts between former lovers and FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, talking about how they’d make sure that Trump wouldn’t win the presidency. Strzok was the same man installed as an investigator on the Trump/Russia probe.

But when the Trump-hating FBI couldn’t take Trump down, they turned to his subordinates—and Michael Flynn wound up taking a HUGE hit when the FBI charged him for lying.

But it took a while…

The FBI had to go after his son as well to get General Flynn to cooperate with them. It looked like outright blackmail to many in the law enforcement community, but it did force the former Trump ally to plead guilty to their charges, so they got what they wanted.

However, it’s now been discovered that one of the reasons the investigation was allowed to happen was ALSO based on a lie.

Just FIVE days before the FBI opened the official investigation into General Flynn in summer 2016, a confidential informant alleged to agents that Donald Trump’s national security adviser had left a 2014 foreign meeting alone with a Russian woman.

Now, agents dismissed the account as “not plausible” and “not accurate” according to their records…

But proceeded to investigate Flynn anyway, putting this fabricated story down as one of the reasons for the probe.

Deep State Lies

Confidential informant Stefan Halper (an academic who long worked for the bureau as a trusted informant) told the FBI the story that Flynn left a 2014 event with Russian scholar Svetlana Lokhova while he was still the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

The story was later leaked to the news media and listed in FBI documents as part of the reason the bureau opened a counterintelligence probe of Flynn…

But it wasn’t true.

It’s now been revealed that Flynn had ZERO interaction with Lokhova and, even if he had, she has been cleared to actually work WITH the bureau!

Yet, it was listed as one of the reasons that the FBI wanted to investigate Flynn…

That’s why I call that investigation one of the biggest railroad jobs of the 21st Century.

The FBI crucified General Flynn simply to hurt Trump and his reputation…

And luckily, it didn’t work.

This is what we’re dealing with and this is why Conservative Americans are getting angrier by the day.

Our mainstream media and the Deep State are dead set on destroying patriotic Americans so they can keep the power they’ve been given.

They will lie, cheat, and steal to get their agenda accomplished, and we have to mindful of that.

However, as is always the case, the truth comes to light—and there’s a reason why Trump hasn’t had one charge stick to him…

Righteousness is a powerful shield, and Trump is able to protect himself from the slings and arrows of a world set on destroying him and the country we all love.

Thank God for that shield…


“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” – Ephesians 6:10-11


Editor’s Note:

This country is falling apart. Strike that… this country is being TORN apart by Leftists determined to destroy Conservatism and rebuild America in their image. This may be why some of the richest people in the country are ensuring they’ll be able to keep up their standard of living by buying land on this secret Caribbean island – including our former president, Donald Trump. What do they know that we don’t? What is going on that the rich seem to be preparing for the end of America? Watch this quick video and you’ll know what they do…